March is drawing to a close, and it’s an emotionally draining time for many. Some struggle with exams and end-of-semester essays, others face enormous, never-ending piles of work. My grandfather passed on just days before my honours thesis was due and the next few months were tough for me because of this and other anxieties related to impending graduation and family issues.

Somewhere along the way, I chanced upon Hong Jin Young’s “Cheer Up.” The song had that peculiar trot combination of an upbeat melody and a sorrowful delivery, and the accompaniment played on the erhu drew me in. It didn’t fix my problems, but it healed me.

So for my first SB mixtape, I’ve put together nine songs that are tinged with sadness, but at the same time filled with hope and encouragement. Whether you’re stressed out by school or work, experiencing a difficult time in any kind of relationship, or feeling bleak about your future, I hope this playlist will tide you over.

Hold On from seoulbeats on 8tracks Radio.

What songs do you seek comfort in when you’re feeling down? Share them with us in the comments.