Welcome back, Seoulbeats readers, to this week’s Best of Weekly Music Shows. My goodness, was this a chaotic week in K-pop. We saw the official debut of iKon, as well as the long-awaited solo debut of SNSD‘s Taeyeon. Comebacks included, but aren’t limited to Ailee, Park Boram, Oh My Girl, and Got7.

This week’s winners were equally all over the place. Neither Show! Music Core or Inkigayo aired, though Inkigayo still awarded a winner ; legendary rocker Im Chang-jung. He also took home the trophy from Music Bank . Show Champion went to Ailee,  Got7 claimed The Show, and iKon took home the top slot at M! Countdown. And with a week that busy, there had to be some killer stages. These were the ones that caught my eye.

Got7, “If You Do” Music Bank , KBS, October 9, 2015

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eG0l8sHLPUE]

“If You Do” is a more serious turn for the fun-loving boys of Got7. However, they do succeed with a more somber concept. They project gravitas and desperation through their voices with aplomb. Their effortless handling of the slick, sharp choreography seems utterly effortless. But let’s be honest, what pushes this performance of “If You Do” is one-hundred percent the suits .

Ailee, “Mind Your Own Business ” Show Champion, MBC, October 7, 2015

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6Y9KYj5WYg]

Ailee was unfortunate to fracture her foot two weeks before her latest comeback, necessitating a chair for her comeback stages. But just because she’s sitting down doesn’t mean she’s sitting out. Here, Ailee proves that she can perform better in a chair than most can while dancing their asses off.

Taeyeon “I”, M!Countdown, Mnet, October 6, 2015

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vl1fCDGY7Pg]

Despite being underwhelmed by the MV, I fell in love with “I” the instant Taeyeon opened her mouth. “I” is one of those songs that just sounds better live. Taeyeon’s flawlessly wobbling vocals soar with inspiration and resolve in a way that often gets  lost in a recording. The power of her voice and the emotions are all heightened. Everything is just . . .more, and it’s breathtaking.

Oh My Girl “Closer”, M!Countdown, Mnet, October 6, 2015

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRS6CAESl6c]

“Closer” is a huge departure from the cheerleader-cute of their debut, but Oh My Girl are just as powerful here. While the eerily gentle song is enjoyable on its own, it’s the performance of Oh My Girl that truly elevates it. The soft dance full of rounded moves that flow one into the next, unending, is hypnotic. These rookies demonstrate an admirable command of the stage, almost haunting it with their gentle moves.

Jun Jin “Wow Wow Wow” Simply  K-pop, Arirang, October 9, 2015

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvD_PEU_H-4]

Of course, no matter how good rookies are, there are times to step aside and let the master work. Jun Jin of Shinhwa delivers just with “Wow Wow Wow”. Confidence and power pour off him in waves, a testament to his phenomenal dance skills. None of Jun Jin’s movements are large or drawn out, but the sheer power in every slight, precise move is tangible. This is how it’s done, kids.

These were my favorite performances of the week. Any you think I missed? Leave them in the comments!

(Image via Mnet, YouTube [1][2][3][4])