Welcome back to another edition of Week in Review! Here is what you may have missed this week:


Serious News


Comebacks and Debuts

  • 20150723_seoulbeats_hello_venusTS Entertainment rookie girl group Sonamoo made their first comeback this week with “Cushion” and their second mini-album.
  • Beast dropped a special pre-release MV for “Gotta Go To Work,” making fans even more excited for their July 27th comeback.
  • TVXQ released special album, Rise as God, prior to Yunho‘s July 21st enlistment. As part of the special release, both Changmin and Yunho released MVs for their solo title tracks “Rise as One” and “Champagne” respectively.
  • Rookie group Wanna.B made their official Korean debut this week with “Attention” following their pre-debut promotions in China. 
  • Stellar caused quite a stir this week with their summer release “Vibrato,” that features gratuitous close-ups and a whole lot of not-subtle vulva imagery. Despite the controversy, the ladies held down the #1 video spot for the week.
  • Hello Venus returned this week with a new mini album and performance video for “I’m Ill.”
  • G-Friend also returned late this week with “Me Gustas Tu” and their second mini album Flower Bud.


Teasers and Announcements

  • 20150723_seoulbeats_sunmiIn somewhat expected news, JYP announced that both Sunye and Sohee have withdrawn from Wonder Girls. However, this announcement in no way deterred the group’s comeback plans. The remaining four members began to drop a series of “Instrument” teasers throughout the week. So far Sunmi, Hye-rim and Yubin‘s have all shown off their respective instrument skills, making the band concept more and more promising with each teaser.
  • While APink is enjoying their “Remember” comeback, it was announced that member Na-eun has been cast in upcoming drama 20 Years Old Again.
  • DreamT Management announced that MC Mong will hold his first solo concert in six years and since his military service evasion scandal back in 2010.
  • DSP Media began to reveal the members of upcoming girl group April this week through a series of individual video teasers. The exact date of the group’s debut still remains unknown.
  • Mix and Match fans breathed a sigh of relief this week, as YG announced September 15th as the planned date for iKon‘s debut. Of course, we take this date with a grain of salt.
  • Following their pre-release, Beast began to drop image teasers for “Yey,” the title track of their upcoming album “Ordinary.”
  • CNBlue‘s Kang Min-hyuk will be joining the popular show I Live Alone. 
  • T-ara members continue to tease their impending comeback via SNS. Though the date has yet to be confirmed, the group will be returning with another Brave Brothers single, “Completely Crazy.”
  • U-Kiss member Soo-hyun dropped the first video teaser for his Japanese debut MV “Spot.”
  • Following a summer of MADE promotions, Big Bang sub-unit GD TOP will be returning this August after 5 years.
  • Cheetah of Unpretty Rapstar fame was also revealed that she will soon be releasing her first track since the show aired.


Other News

  • 20131117_seoulbeats_jun jihyunDispatch revealed that Kim Woo-bin and Shin Min-ah are an item; their agencies also confirmed the pair has been dating for two months.
  • This week, Shinhwa‘s Min-woo was also revealed to be in a relationship with Korea’s Next Top Model contestant Go So-hyun — who is 11 years his junior.
  • Nine Muses fans can finally call themselves “Mine” as the group announced their official fan club five years after their debut.
  • Starlet Jun Ji-hyun announced she is expecting her first child. Congratulations!
  • Shinee‘s Minho was injured this week during a celebrity basketball match. Following the confirmation of his injuries, SM announced that he will be absent form the upcoming SM Town Concert in Japan and that the group’s repackaged album promotions will be delayed. We wish our favorite Rap God a speedy recovery!
  • In this week’s edition of Exo: The One[s] That Got Away, Tao dropped his first album as Z.Tao and Luhan announced his own plans to also release a solo album in China.

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