And we’re back with a set of performances from this week’s music shows. The summer just got another wave of comebacks, this time with groups including Super Junior, Infinite, A Pink, Got7 and more splashing in to perform on this week’s shows. In addition, Kara‘s Goo Hara made her solo debut. Girls’ Generation reigned supreme this week, winning trophies on all major music shows. I’ve chosen my favorite performances of the week below, but please comment with your own thoughts as well!

Super Junior’s “Devil,” Mnet M! Countdown, July 16, 2015


This group seems just so much more alive this comeback round; their last few rounds have left me wanting for that personality you see in concert fancams, and with “Devil,” the group has brought back some of their spunk and stage presence. I don’t know if it’s just their choreography making them move more or what, but it’s great and needs to stay. I was hard-pressed to find a stage with a decent view of the choreography throughout but settled for their Mnet one. I’ve got to say I’m loving their performances from Siwon‘s cheesy finger pointing to Heechul‘s center part to Donghae‘s everything.

Got7’s “Just Right,” Mnet M! Countdown, July 16, 2015


Got7’s comeback is another one that I’m loving. It’s one of the ones I’ve enjoyed the most this year thus far. The best part of performances like these is that the boys look like they’re absolutely enjoying themselves; then how can I not do the same? That on top of a catchy song makes this one of the stand-out comebacks of the year thus far for me.

Infinite’s “Bad,” Mnet M! Countdown, July 16, 2015


Another standout from the set of comebacks this week is Infinite’s “Bad.” I will never not be impressed with the group’s uniformity in moves, though for obvious reasons it does look different when looking at each member individually. Hoya‘s dance solo was definitely a highlight, and it was great to see him and Dongwoo switch back and forth for that role during the week.

9Muses‘ “Hurt Locker,” Mnet M! Countdown, July 16, 2015


These women never fail to look striking on stage, and “Hurt Locker” is a jam that continues to ring in my head. I’m enjoying the group’s round of promotions for this performance, and thankfully, they’ve gotten rid of those weird bags on the hips.

Kim Yeon-woo (Cleopatra)’s cover of the traditional folk song “For 500 Years,” MBC Mask King, July 19, 2015


If you’ve got a folk itch, this is the video to watch. Or heck, if you’ve got two-and-a-half minutes, this would be a good way to spend them. Kim Yeon-woo has such great control in this cover, and it’s impressive to hear and enjoy. It’s also always a pleasure to hear some traditional songs here and there in the middle of K-pop through shows like Mask King and Immortal Song 2.

(YouTube [1][2][3], Image via Mnet)