20141202_seoulbeats_mfbty_angel2And as promised in November’s interview with Styler Jubu Style Magazine, the king and queen of Korean hip-hop have announced their illustrious return to the music scene. With Bizzy to complete the MFBTY trifecta, fans have been gifted a teaser for the upcoming single “Angel.” With Tasha looking as flawless as ever and Tiger JK as regal as he’s ever been, the song and its subsequent MV looks to go on a major slaying rampage this month.

[youtube http://youtu.be/XJDggLou9Ds]

With a black-and-white motif with splashes of color to highlight the queen’s everlasting beauty, “Angel” looks like the perfect Christmas gift for fans who’ve waited with bated breath for the return of one of hip-hop’s most important couples. I don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings, but come 8 December, when the MV drops, everyone else better move out of the way! I’m so ready to be slain in the spirit!