After the warm reception to our previous K-pop Essentials mixtape, we have followed up with a Part 2 due to popular demand! Seriously, there’s no way you can be inducted into the K-pop fandom without knowing some of K-pop’s best. Many of us were in fact converted into fans by listening to some of these songs.

Whether it’s chart-toppers from all the way back in 2007, or even newly minted crowd favourites from the recent years, these tracks have undoubtedly made its dent in K-pop history and catapulted the artistes to be the ‘it’ group of the moment. So sit back, hit play, and enjoy this list of wonderful ear-worms.

K-pop Essentials: Part 2 from seoulbeats on 8tracks Radio.


Stay tuned for more upcoming parts to our K-pop Essentials playlist. Which of your favourites made it, and which should have?