20141311_seoulbeats_APinkAs numerous girl groups are making (or have made) their comebacks recently, I can’t help but be disappointed in the unimaginative concepts. Let’s be real, most girl groups are either cute or sexy. With rare exceptions, you can generally expect a girl group to fall into one of those categories. It’s a bummer.

Meanwhile, male idols are exploring more avenues. Yes, even those concepts can become stale, such as either being hip hop-based or not. However, when it comes to their MVs, and even the music style, boy groups seem to be more of a hodgepodge of ideas.

Why can’t more girl groups do the same variety of concepts as the boys? Why do the boys get to have all the fun? So, here’s a list of concepts the boys embrace and the girls should likewise do.

The Full-On Creepy

20141117_seoulbeats_queen b'zSome girl groups have dabbled in the creepier side of concepts. However, the key word here is “dabbled.” The groups closest to bringing out their inner creeps were Queen B’z with “Bad” and Ladies Code’s “Hate You.” There is definitely an undercurrent of violence and uncomfortable actions. Some may point to 2NE1‘s “Hurt” or Sunmi’s “Full Moon,” but as in most (if not all) cases in the exploration of the supernatural concept, the attractiveness is still amplified.

When I say creepy, I mean VIXX-level creepy, moments where we are grossed out or have trouble recognizing the hotness that is our bias. VIXX has made this their signature concept lately, and it’s pretty great. So, why shouldn’t the girls get to “ugly” themselves as a concept? I would thoroughly enjoy it if say, f(x), suddenly came out distorted, mutilated, and otherwise in grotesque images.

The Acrobats

Let’s be real, acrobatics are a form of bragging for boy groups. If you can throw flips and use cheerleading stunt formations, you get quite a bit of attention. The number of boy groups using this concept has been growing ever since 2PM, including their little brothers, GOT7. Acrobatics are eye-catching and memorable.

20141117_seoulbeats_zinniCan you imagine a girl group doing this? Forget the heels, extra tight/short clothing, and skirts. The wardrobe would have to be so different in order to avoid a wardrobe malfunction, but think of all the fun! An entire group of Glam‘s Zinni and Tiny-G‘s Mint on stage would be fantastic. Of course, this would probably be a bummer for quite a few fans. No more pretty-pretty girls running around to feed their fetish preferences.

The Hardcore Dancing

In a similar vein as the acrobats, it would be nice to see girl groups becoming more intensive in dancing. If you watch enough MVs, you see a common trend: simple movements and a lot of walking around. Boy groups are exceptions to this. Groups like Infinite, B.A.P, and EXO have become known for their unique and intense choreography. It’s time for girl groups to join in with them.

I don’t expect everyone to be acrobatics, but girl groups could try to be a little more complicated in their dances. More intricate footwork, more interactive moves, more synchronicity. This would probably mean the girls would have to starve less, and train more for endurance, but just think of the performance aspect.

The 80s-90s Pop Emulation

20141117_seoulbeats_toppdoggNew Jack Swing is becoming more and more of the rage with the boys. BtoB, Topp Dogg, and GOT7 have tried their hands at this old school style of pop music. As such, we’re seeing K-pop’s version of New Kids on the Block, New Edition, etc. The boy groups go all in; from outfits to dances, it’s a throwback to the past.

A Pink is dabbling slightly with the old school sound in their new release “Pink Luv,” but the concept doesn’t quite match the sound. This could have been a great opportunity for some girls to join in with the old new trend. Can you imagine some new era Janet Jacksons or Paula Abduls, complete with the military outfits? Oh my, that would be great.

Understandably, these concepts will require a great change in the girl group landscape. It may even cost them some fans along the way. But, isn’t variety the spice of life? Quirkiness has its place on the top; just look at Orange Caramel. Also, powerful girl groups have made a strong impact on the scene, such as Brown Eyed Girls who are renowned for their straightforwardness.

Why should these groups be the outcasts and exceptions to the rule? More girl groups should spread their conceptual wings like the boys have. Whether it’s in their dancing, music, or make-up, let the girls push the concept trends. Bring on the girls, I say!

(Images via A Cube Entertainment, Nega Network, JS Entertainment, Big Hit Entertainment, Stardom Entertainment)