20140720_seoulbeats_sohee_top_reebokIt’s official: Sulli and Choiza are an item. Nobody would have ever thought to pair those two together in their wildest fantasies. In this industry, there’s no telling who will end up with whom, but it seems like everyone will eventually end up with someone. We’ve talked about how to handle and accept the idea that our favorite idols are dating, so let’s switch gears and play matchmaker this time around.

Which idols would you most like to see hook up? Which idols would actually make a great a couple? What idol coupling would be an absolute disaster?

Laverne: Ever since I saw T.O.P and Sohee‘s Reebok photo shoot, I can’t help but totally ship them. Not only do they look great together, but they’re both into acting and are veterans of the music industry. I try not to ship real people, but with these two I just can’t help it.

Alolika: I like to occasionally daydream that Kai is unconditionally and irrevocably in love with D.O. I am blaming it on his constant staring, touching, gazing and other highly romanticized pitifully one-sided intimate gestures. So, yes, I would absolutely love, love, love it if these two decided to confess their undying love for each other.

Lindsay: I want to see MBLAQ‘s Seungho and Crayon Pop‘s Ellin together.

If you haven’t seen the show “All The K-Pop” you may not understand this pairing, but I promise it would be glorious. The show stopped airing in 2013, but both of these idols were regulars, and there was a lot of sexual tension going on (basically that whole show was sexual tension). I’d pay money to get the chance to see Ellin try and eat Seungho’s face again.


Mark: Speaking of sexual tension, can Trouble Maker date in real life, please? Can we debunk this baseless myth that Hyuna and Hyunseung have no chemistry together? What does that even mean? If their real life personalities are anything like their idol characters, I think they would make a good couple because Hyunseung’s bashful and passive persona would readily compliment the lavish and outgoing traits of Hyuna. I think we might have mentioned it in a previous roundtable, but the two work well together because their non-conventional gender traits are paired in a way which leads to an interesting role reversal dynamic of the likes we’ve never seen before in this medium.

Lo: Seconding Trouble Maker! Although the couple that would utterly fail to shock me is T.O.P and Bom. There’s just something about the two of them and their 4D-ness that makes me think they’d do well together.

Joyce: Yunho and BoA! I feel like those two are practically BFFs with each other, having been there for each other at low points throughout their long, long time in the industry. And just the way they both constantly mention each other all the time is so telling of how much they mean to each other. It would really epitomizes the whole BFF-turned-lovers type of relationship. Although they say that they could never date each other, I feel like both of them really complement and complete each other fantastically.

Eunji with… either Key, Seo In-guk, or Hoya. Her personality is just too awesome, and I can honestly picture any guy falling in love with her without even knowing it. Amber as well, with her llama-buddy Minho, or perhaps Henry, seeing that their English skills is probably what drew them together in the first place. But then again, seeing Henry teasing Sunny to no end reminded me of a boy constantly pulling the pigtails of a girl he likes. Adorable to no end.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bc-fsK2ZmGU]

Hyungshik and Jihyun! The Romantic and the Idol was so worth watching for the both of them, and it hurt so bad when they came out to ascertain that they were just in a noona-dongsaeng relationship.

Andy: I third the statements about Trouble Maker. If there were any two people I could see being together, it’s Hyuna and Hyunseung. I also, somewhat, ship Amber with everybody who’s part of the “English Line” — such as Peniel, Eric Nam, Henry, and Min. That being said, I have no real ideas regarding anybody else. I have my favorite OTPs (like TaePyo — Taeil and P.O of Block B), but other than that, I don’t pay close enough attention to figure out who can match up with who, as friends or otherwise. I think I may be weird, in that regard.

Fannie: Definitely seconding Yunho and BoA.

Willis: To preface my opinion, I am a cynic that believes relationships are bound to end in a messy blaze of fire. Hence, all ships are bound to sink.


I am definitely in the minority here because I think Hyuna and Hyunseung would not work at all. To me they lack passion for one another. Their on-screen relationship (as Trouble Maker) has always felt stiff and forced. To their credit, the chemistry has improved since their first promotions. However as a pairing, I think they lack any emotional depth or compatibility.

And to continue my pessimistic outlook for idol pairings, I am also going to point at the Jihyun and Hyungshik pair from The Romantic and the Idol. While I agree with Joyce that their interactions were fun to watch, I felt that they never truly got over their small age gap.

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Do you agree? Who do you want to see get together? Who do you think wouldn’t work?