And the comeback season continues with Super JuniorSistarBestieHigh4Royal Pirates and Exid taking to familiar stages. Amidst all the power-packed comebacks were the lukewarm debuts of 4Ten and Laboum. While Kara and Winner managed to snag an award each on Show Champion and M!Countdown respectively, it was Taemin who emerged victorious with Music Core and Music Bank wins. I’ve picked my favorites below, but please leave yours in the comments!


Super Junior’s “Shirt” + “Mamacita” on MBC Music Core, Saturday August 30th 2014

Expect these seasoned artists to know about our shirt obsessions. Their comeback performances across all shows have been absolutely flawless and entertaining. Large groups are almost becoming a rarity in the K-pop scene so to see the original giant group effortlessly navigating their choreographed way on the stages is pure nostalgic fun. “Girl, you’re tasty” has to be the highlight of this performance.


BTS‘ “Danger” on KBS Music Bank, Friday August 29th 2014

Such on point choreography! BTS’ performance have been relentlessly crisp and sharp. Although, I quite dislike the song, their synchronization, alert dancing and all-white ensemble makes their performance a must watch.


Orange Caramel‘s “My Copycat” on MBC Music Core, Saturday August 30th 2014

In between good, bad and great performances, there is something called the “Orange Caramel” performance: wacky but clever, simple but entertaining. “My Copycat” went for a Frozen makeover and we had leggy lasses Elsa, Anna and Olaf performing. It is interesting to notice how Orange Caramel is becoming a group increasingly dependent on their costumes when it comes to music shows.

Taemin’s “Danger” on KBS Music Bank, Friday August 29th 2014

While the maknae is still prone to causing a few jarring notes, visually he is spectacular. With the break in this performance devoted to a thunderstorm and endless white smoke, this particular “Danger” looked mystically dangerous. The fans sound better than him though.


Winner’s “Empty” on Mnet M!Countdown, Thursday August 28th 2014

I’ll confess. I haven’t yet watched any of their music videos but this performance has made me reconsider my decision. These are scary rookies. Their vocals are smooth, they are in sync and most importantly, look so chic  and unaffected as if they have years of musical experience. I can kind of gauge why this is their fourth win despite their rookie status.


Exid’s “Up and Down” on KBS Music Bank, Friday August 29th 2014

Watching Bestie and Exid coming back at the same time, one can’t help but wonder who will do better, and so far, I think it’s Exid. After listening to the saccharine “Up and Down” of Ye-A, this one feels ten times nicer. I don’t really know why I like this song all that much but having watched it thrice — for some unknown reason — I just felt it would be unfair to not put them on the list. Must be the prelude.


Kara’s “Mamma Mia” on Show Champion, Wednesday August 27th 2014

Their serious faces continue to make me question “Mamma Mia’s party song status. Young-ji finally gets generous camera time in this performance. There is certain degree of regal-ness to the performance which makes it different from the rest. Grandiosity suits Kara.


Sistar’s “I Swear” on MBC Music Core, Saturday August 30th 2014

I swear the fans were amazing on Music Core! Forget the performances and just listen to them chant! Sistar established themselves once again as the queens of summer singles with “I Swear.” It’s easy, breezy and absolutely summery. The choreo is still strange at some places though.

(Mnet, KBS, MBC. Images via KBS)