This week was privy to some significant comebacks with VIXX‘s “Eternity”, Fly to the Sky‘s “You You You”, and 15&‘s “Sugar.” It was also audience to K-pop’s dwindling stock of group names with Berry Good and Smile.G debuting. While Fly to the Sky nabbed the prize in Show! Music CoreInfinite emerged victorious in Show Champion and Mnet. A show called Music something didn’t air for the seventh week in a row but Infinite won the first place there as well. I have chosen my favourites but do share yours in the comments!


Infinite’s “Last Romeo” on MBC Show Champion, Wednesday May 28th 2014

Infinite has been very consistent with their performances in almost all the shows. The vocals are on point, and they have been doing complete justice to the neat choreography. The M!Countdown performance is slightly better in presentation but it doesn’t have Hoya‘s glorious pink hair.


Junggigo‘s “Want U” on Mnet M!Countdown, Thursday May 29th 2014

Junggigo’s graph has been on a steady rise after his resounding success with “Some.” Stepping out of Soyou‘s shadow, “Want U” has “Junggigo” written all over it be it the R&B feel or the smooth chorus. His laid-back performance only adds to the charm. However, this one had him interacting with the enthusiastic audience along with prominent underground rapper, Ollti

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BTOB‘s cover of composer Son Suk-woo‘s “Bright Full Moon” on KBS Immortal Song, Saturday May 31st 2014

BTOB took a trip back to the 1960’s and brought back to life a simple but catchy song, with contemporary K-pop vigour generously endowed with rap breaks and dubstep. They left the chorus untouched and played around with the rest of the song which retained the original flavour of the track. Lastly, the performance was absolute fun! The boys were playing around, the audience was excited, and the judges were all smiles.


VIXX‘s “Eternity” on Mnet M!Countdown, Thursday May 29th 2014

The performance, both in terms of vocals and dance, is just seamless. Absolutely seamless. Everything blends into each other although it exudes the feeling of mechanically falling into place. The boys’ expressions are splendid as they convey the story through their acting. And Ken‘s outstretched hand from the human grave looks hauntingly beautiful against the ruins. However, the energetic fan chants and those damn body waves remain the highlights of this performance.


Jung Jae-hyung‘s cover of Seo Ji-won‘s “Gather My Tears” on KBS Yoo Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook, Saturday May 31st 2014

This song is one of my favourite not only because it is a genuinely beautiful track but also because of the bittersweet memory attached to it: “Gather My Tears” was Seo Ji-won’s last song before he committed suicide. This song went on to sweep music charts and music show awards as an empty stage continued to grace the occasion of his wins. Therefore, to see the composer of the song — Jung Jae-hyung — sing the song makes this performance all the more special. He makes the song more solemn and sombre with the piano as his only accompaniment.

(MBC, Mnet, KBS Image via Mnet)