20140528_seoulbeats_megan lee 8 dayzAfter gaining fame from YouTube and Birth of a Great Star, Megan Lee has finally debuted. Just like Megan herself, “8Dayz” is a light-hearted and bubbly track. The song and MV deliver a sense of joy that is perfect for the summer.

The track avoids the overly saturated sweetness that can come with bubbly tracks. While a love song, the lyrics themselves are subtle about the love, and almost seem more like an empowering message. The repeated refrains shouting that “it’s a new day” speak to the idea that, in a moment, the doldrums of life can shift to something much better. In this case, the moment is when you meet the person you could love. An end is just a new beginning. The English version of the track does change up the lyrics, but the message is still the same: “The days are full of promises.”

Just as the lyrics are uplifting, Megan Lee delivers the same effect vocally. She truly sounds happy, and not the fake, oh-my-god-I-love-oppa type of happiness. The joy she is able to express is infectious to the point where you believe and become inspired yourself.

Junhyung of B2ST also makes an appearance on the Korean track, and is in both the Korean and English MVs. Junhyung appears to be the go-to rapper for featured appearances lately, so it’s not surprising he was chosen for the song. Truthfully, his part wasn’t really needed. It’s not that it takes away from the song; rather, it just adds nothing. He does treat us to a performance of the “Fiction” penguin-dance, as well as his sweet smile, so be on the lookout for that.


Speaking of dances, while the dance in the MV is not what’s done in live performances, it’s still fun. Megan Lee probably isn’t the type to suddenly show a powerful, or great, dancing ability, so the dance shown is rather simple. Some head bobs and hip thrusts, and you’re set. It would honestly make for an even better live stage dance. With the random dance sequences — including some break dance moves — the MV dancing is joyful and spirited.

There is also quite a bit of randomness going on the MV, but in a good way. The best way to describe the MV is “kitschy.” From the sets to the outfits, it seems to scream “thrift shop” and “hipster garden party.” The scenes are scattered with vintage-style suitcases, hippie-like clothing and bright colors. However, it fits the overall happiness the song wishes to express.

The beginning sequence is a representation of life’s routine. The constant appearance of hands is like how different things in life (work, school, family, friends, etc.) constantly pull at us every day. But as the new day starts, suddenly the scenes transition to better things.

20140528_seoulbeats_megan lee 8 dayz 1Let’s talk about those backup dancers and the band. Now on stage, you can see the faces, but in the MV, they are wearing a plethora of masks. From Iron Man to a horse, it’s a seek-and-find of all the different masks they are wearing. It’s pretty humorous and sure to gain a couple of laughs. Which is what the purpose of them probably is: making people smile and laugh. They also impress with their dance skills.

There is nature everywhere. Amongst the crazy masked dancers, are scenes of flowers and Megan Lee playing in a grassy area. The initial thought is “wow, that’s a lot of flowers.” But, this massive natural exhibit makes sense. For some, being happy is associated with all the pretty things and the feeling of freedom we can get from simply being outside and running around. Or, when in love, flowers smell that much sweeter and the air feels that much fresher.

Finally, the transitions between scenes match the lyrical transitions pretty well. As we shift to the second verse, the scene switches to the room with all the dancers. And as the lyrics talk about a piano, we see her playing the piano. When the beat slows down and instruments drop out, more ethereal scenes are used. Every time she sings of feeling alive, the dancing becomes a free-for-all. It all culminates in a night party, and the ending of the 8th day.

If only there had been less light glare and lens flares.

A mostly acoustic song, “8Dayz” is uplifting and happiness. It’s (almost) just a girl and her guitar, singing about the power of new love. No over-production with the vocals or the MV makes it simply enjoyable. You’ll find yourself clapping along, “if you know what I mean.”

Song/MV Rating: 4/5

(SoulShop Entertainment, YouTube [1], images via SoulShop Entertainment)