Despite Music Core taking a hiatus this week and Show! Champion airing BTS footage of their 100th episode, there were still plenty of great performances to go around!  Super Junior M, MBLAQ, Baechigi, and Tint all held comeback stages. There were different winners for each of the major shows with 2NE1 winning M! Countdown, CN Blue picking up their first trophy during their last week of promotions on Music Bank for “Can’t Stop”, and 4minute picking up their first win on Inkigayo for “Whatcha Doing Today?”

Here are some of my favorite performances this week. Don’t forget to share your favorites in the comments below!


Orange Caramel’s “Catellena”, SBS Inkigayo, March 30, 2014

I could not stop laughing after those shrieks at the beginning of the song. Their Inkigayo performance is definitely the most energetic of the bunch this week.


Super Junior M’s “Swing”, SBS Inkigayo, March 30, 2014

The staging of these Super Junior M performances are great. The use of the tables, chairs and bandanas add a nice variety to the choreography.


Bebop’s “I’m the Best”, Mnet M! Countdown, March 27, 2014

All the members in this trio have an amazing energy during this performance, and their personalities jump off the screen. I don’t know much about this group, but after watching this performance, I am convinced that these girls were born to rock (especially the lead singer/guitarist).


MBLAQ’s “Be A Man”, KBS Yoo Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook, March 28, 2014

Even though I was a huge fan of the string section accompanying MBLAQ on M! Countdown, I think they were much steadier vocally on Yoo Hee-yeol‘s Sketchbook.


Girls’ Generation’s “Mr.Mr.”, SBS Inkigayo, March 30, 2014

Girls’ Generation concluded their “Mr.Mr.” promotions this week at Inkigayo dressed in all white. At times during their promotions, I wondered if the girls would have been better off promoting without their male backup dancers. They seem much more comfortable during their encore stages (without the backup dancers). They do appear to be enjoying themselves during these last few performances.


Wonder Girls’ Ye-eun’s cover of Shin Hyo-bum’s “I Love You”, MBC Music Travel Yesterday, March  29, 2014

It is wonderful to hear Ye-eun sing again. Even though it is extremely difficult to reach the heights and soulfulness of the original, Ye-eun is able to hold her own. Her vocals were a bit shaky at times, but her passion and upper register eventually shone through. Overall, she really impressed me and hopefully JYP will let her have more solo opportunities.

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