Happy Sunday!

Zhang Li-yin, SM’s lost “Chinese BoA” idol will be resurfacing for the company’s SM the Ballad 2’s compilation mini-album. That’s a relief, but she also posted this on Weibo recently:

There were a lot of sad times within these past three years, actually countless times I’ve thought of giving up. Whenever I felt my heart sunk into deep despair she would tell me: one must have a kind of ambition, set a goal for yourself, only by persisting, striving, fighting, will that seemingly unattainable goal, one day be yours. Thank you for staying by my side @sv_vvv

While I don’t think that her inclusion in SMTB2 was an attempt to bring Zhang Li-yin back to the spotlight, it’s still better than nothing and I’m sure her fans agree.

…which can’t be said for many other MIA idols. Which idols were you particularly fond of that have just sort of dropped off into the abyss?

(Image via SM)