This week was a fruitful one where music performances were concerned. MissA came back (hooray for comebacks that actually mean it), as well as TroubleMaker getting into the groove. These two, and the rest below were the ones I found worth a watch.

Im Chang Jung’s “Open The Door”, Arirang TV’s Simply K-Pop, November 5 2013

The balladeer/TV actor has a funny side that you would never have seen outside of variety shows, until this song, which is an attempt at trot. The novelty aside, this song is him tackling a topic familiar to his usual songs – falling in love again.

Topp Dogg’s “Say It”, KBS2’s Music Bank, November 8 2013

For those who enjoy the Block B style of guy groups, this is worth a watch. Granted, there is less polish, and the song does try a bit too hard to impress. But I am still liking that edge they have there, plus there are one or two star performers in there.

MissA’s “Hush”, MNet’s M!Countdown, November 7 2013

While I did enjoy that dance move with the curtains, and their outfits always fall on the right side of minimalist cool for me, I would admit to not being a fan of the song, as every part of it seems to hint at a build up that never comes, before ending. Still they are good performers, and make the best of what they get.

K.Will’s “You Don’t Know Love”, KBS2’s Music Bank, November 8 2013

The balladeer is back. Though he was unable to take another win this week, I still enjoy his smooth voice when he performs on TV. That instrumental backing band was another nice touch, and rewarding for those who watch the show in high quality, or on nice sound systems.

TroubleMaker’s “Now”, MBC’s Show! Music Core, November 9 2013

For all my comments on TroubleMaker in the roundtable, I actually like the song’s sultry yet mildly edgy vibes. Plus despite all my grumbles about Hyunseung’s dullness on stage, he’s actually getting the job done in a competent way. That they did take the win is probably a sign other companies should get in on the “slightly sexy co-ed group” concept.

And these was what I thought of this week’s performances! Comments below.

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