20130214_seoulbeats_exo_k_baekhyun Happy Sunday and happy end-of-September! To the students, you made it through the first month of school, and to everyone else, you made it through the ninth month of life in 2013. Now carry on.

Just kidding. This Sunday, let’s talk about an old-time favorite in K-pop-dom: sasaeng fans.

Exo‘s Baekhyun recently attended his brother’s wedding, bringing along his group mates, and it was–not surprisingly!–ruined by sasaeng fans who just won’t let their idols do anything in peace.

At this point, everyone has established that they must be stopped and that lines are being crossed. But the unsolvable question: what do you do to make sasaengs stop?

Never mind that certain companies (coughSMcough) are guilty of encourage bad fan behavior and not telling them off, but at this point and time, what is the solution? Telling them forcefully to stop will only give them more attention–a kind of sick attention that sasaengs crave–and the law doesn’t seem to particularly helpful in this case either, since many sasaengs are underage.

What would you do?

(Images via High Cut)