20130622_beast_hyunseung_blonde_hairHappy Sunday!

YG’s new boy group promotion (selection?) tactic is getting some major attention this week.

A lot of you guys brought up that it’s pretty normal, given that’s how Hyunseung got kicked out of Big Bang, how 2AM+2PM came to be, how shows like K-pop Star and Superstar K are so popular.

So we want to ask you this week, are there instances when this dog-eat-dog method of idol selection is okay? When are they not? Or alternately, is YG taking this concept “too far”? Let us know in the comments section.

Also, don’t forget to vote for nominees in our midyear polls. We’re doing something totally different this time around, we’re using nominees for the polls based on your selections, so go crazy nominating!

(Images via Mnet and Tumblr)