20130620_seoulbeats_1tym_dannyim_dannyfromla_mnetamericaStarting tonight, US K-pop fans will have the chance to watch Mnet M! Countdown during prime-time. The show will air on Mnet’s Stateside channel, Mnet America, on Thursdays at 8:00 PM EST, with host Danny Im (of 1TYM and Danny From L.A. fame).

The most prominent cable music show on the live promotions circuit in K-pop, M! Countdown is broadcast on Thursday nights in South Korea, which, thanks to the wonder of time zones, equates to approximately too-early-to-be-awake AM in the United States of America. And while many K-pop fans forgo sleep and/or risk parental wrath to huddle in front of a computer screen and (silently) cheer on their favourite acts, Mnet seeks to provide a more comfortable alternative with this new program.

In addition to a more sociable time, the show’s presentation to an English-speaking audience may also be of benefit. Music shows’ ways are familiar enough to fans and it’s easy to follow along with limited knowledge of Korean, but Mnet America’s plans may also allow for a greater understanding of the show and process for American and, by extension, the world’s K-pop fans.

The show starts in a couple of hours — who’s tuning in? What are you expecting from the show, and do you think the time delay between the live and Mnet America broadcasts matter?