With a mix of rookies high on potential and established acts way into promotions, this week’s shows should’ve made good viewing on paper. So it would be slightly unfortunate for me to say that as a whole, this year’s comebacks have not been as strong as those past.

The lowest point this week would be a performance by new girl group BBde, with a song that practically descended into a cacophony of noise and screams, and ended with my parents shouting at me to turn the TV off.

Still, there were some performances worth watching, and here they are.

Crayon Pop’s “Bar Bar Bar”, KBS2‘s Music Bank, June 28 2013

[vimeo 69370001 w=500 h=281]


While Crayon Pop might be making the news for all the wrong reasons, the music definitely is not one of them, judging from this song. For a new group, the quality is reasonable, with a rather catchy tune that does not hurt the ears and a dance that looks quite fun (jumping up and down for the chorus). I also have to give them some points for not running out of stamina near the end.


LED Apple’s “ Bad Boys”, Arirang‘s Simply K-Pop, June 26 2013


It is interesting to see how the boys have ditched that punk rock sound of past for some of the suave sophistication that characterised the music of CNBlue. Still, with a fine mix of varied music elements, it makes for good listening. Plus that guest spot with that female dancer made for an interesting direction.


Lim Kim‘s “All Right” 27th June 2013, Mnet’s M! Countdown


A Superstar K3 alumni finally makes her debut. While I find the song pleasantly laid back and hard to fault (apart from the middle part where it suddenly jars), its her smoky voice that is way more fetching for me. While she is also slated to debut in her group, I think that she’s talented enough to stand on her own.


Roy Kim’s “Love Love Love”  27th June 2013, Mnet’s M! Countdown


It seems that Roy Kim can seem to do little wrong with his fans music wise, and this performance is good reason why. No fancy dances, no excessive stage set-ups, just a man and his guitar – good enough.


Girls’ Day’s “Female President”  27th June 2013, Mnet’s M! Countdown


While we might not be the biggest fans of this release, at least its worth seeing them on stage, if cause they make for pretty competent live performers. Still cannot call myself a fan of that tail feather dance move though.


And this my picks for the week! Leave your comments below.

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