20130329_seoulbeats_gdragonWhatever I might have expected of Spring in K-pop, it certainly did not include Big Bang‘s G-Dragon going a little bit crazy photographically…well, maybe I’m not that surprised.  G-Dragon kicks off his One of a Kind World Tour in Seoul this weekend and he will be singing his new song “Michi Go” (Go Crazy) at the concerts.  The song will be released online on April 1st through his official Naver LINE account, a mobile messenger app. (Yahoo Philippines, YG Entertainment)

K-pop Expectations:

  • Younha made a comeback with the song and MV for “No (Unacceptable)”

  • Phantom released “Come As You Are” featuring Verbal Jint, Malaysian singer/songwriter Mizz Nina featured Jay Park in her latest release “Around the World” which was produced by Jay’s BFF Cha Cha Malone form his AoM Crew, AA–er Double A?– come back with.. “Come Back”  and The Position sing of their “Spring Expectation” in their MV starring actress Kim So-eun.

  • Loved this performance by SHINee of Seo Taiji & the Boys‘ “Regret of the Times” on this week’s M!Countdown for their Legend 100 Special Stage.


Unexpected Scandals:

  • The not-so-scandalous: dating rumors were confirmed between actress Han Hye-jin (31) and professional soccer player Ki Song-yong (24).  The confirmation came about when it was noticed that Ki Song-yong had HJ SY 24 engraved on his shoes. Han Hye -jin broke up with longtime boyfriend of nine years, singer Naul of Brown Eyed Soul, in December 2012. (ChannelA)
  • The kind-of scandalous: DMTN‘s Daniel has been indicted for distribution of marijuana along with five others including Bianca from the Chat with Global Beauties talk show. (StarNews)
  • The very scandalous: CODE-V‘s Jae-won is leaving the group after his former girlfriend aired all his dirty laundry– of him living with her, using all her money, getting her pregnant and then dumping her.  She also said that he spoke ill of Japanese fans which didn’t go over well with most fans since CODE-V has mainly been promoting in Japan (SSTV); Choi Hee-jin, the ex-girlfriend of Eru who accused his father, famous trot singer Tae Jin-ah, of abuse and forcing her to have an abortion, but then had to go to jail because it was a lie–is out of jail and looking to make more trouble.  She’s created and X-Files game where she’s supposedly gonna reveal the deep and dark secrets of 10 other celebrities that she had dated (MTNews); and in an interview with jtbc Entertainment Scoop, a former entertainment company trainee revealed the dirty little secrets of the trade with many girls, even those underage, sent to host, drink, or more with sponsors for anywhere from 250 thousand won to 1 million won a meeting depending on the age of the girl and the size of the company she belonged to (joinsmsn).



  • There’s a lot of buzz going on about Kang Ho-dong‘s new SBS variety show, which is yet unnamed, because so far  SS501‘s Kim Hyun-joong, comedians Yoo Se-yun and Lee Su-geun, singers Kim Bum-soo and Yoon Jong-shin, and actor Yoon Si-yoon have all been confirmed as cast members. After School‘s Uee and Super Junior‘s Eun-hyuk were reported to have been invited to join the show also, but are still considering it. The show is replacing the cancelled Moonlight Prince and will begin after the finale of K-pop Star 2 (Newsen)
  • Big Bang‘s Daesung got his first MC post on a Japanese variety show for MTV Japan called D-LITE & VJ Boo D’splay.  It will show Daesung and VJ Boo’s trips to amusement parks, adventures in cooking, and scenes from his Japanese solo tour. (SportsChosun)
  • We Got Married Global held their debut press conference on March 28th with FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki and his virtual wife Japanese actress Fujii Mina, and 2PM’s Taecyeon and his virtual wife Taiwanese idol, Wu Ying Jie in attendance. Lee Hong-ki said he dreamed of what an international marriage would be like and even though he knew there would be cultural differences, he never expected there would be so much. Taec and Ying Jie rated each other a ’10 out of 10.’  The show will debut on Sunday, April  7th, and will be exported to 21 different countries.(SSTV)