Finally things are happening in the music world, with a nice mix of big names promoting and a few comebacks. Here were some of the noteworthy ones (good and bad) of the week.


2AM’s “Reading You” and “One Spring Day”, KBS Music Bank, 8th March 2013


JYP Entertainment’s resident balladeers are back in business. While some might call their brand of music formulaic, there is always comfort in seeking out the familiar. It does not hurt that the clothes look good, and that a lack of choreography means the guys are left to focus on the vocals, which should always be the case in live performances.


Rania’s “Just Go”, KBS Music Bank, 8th March 2013


Although the promise that accompanied Rania on their debut has largely faded away, it’s still nice to see them trying to plug away at the niche of girl group pop with a darker, more mature slant. While the tune is straight up electronic pop, the girls are always entertaining to watch, at least for the reasonable singing and the choreography (though the butt-gyrations are a love-hate thing).


B.A.P’s “One Shot”, KBS Music Bank, 8th March 2013


Yes, this song was covered last week, but it’s here again for a good reason. It has taken me forever to get round to listening to this, but I am hooked on it from the first few listens. For one the song does not sound like it is trying too hard to impress (which was a problem with some earlier singles), but instead flows naturally between different bits without slowing down. Add to that B.A.P’s performance abilities, and this song is worth another mention for the week.


Rainbow’s “Tell Me Tell Me”, KBS Music Bank, 8th March 2013


This song is probably quite representative of most songs girl groups do today. Not that it’s anything bad or offensive, it’s just that nothing about it really stood out. About the only things of this performance worth mentioning was that the singing was acceptable, and the frilly tops were an interesting diversion. It seemed a shame Rainbow are doing songs like this, given how they almost had an identity with previous releases and were not exactly lacking in talent. Then again, judging from how this single sold, maybe DSP Entertainment has a point with regard to commercial success.


Perplay’s “Love And Remember”,  KBS Music Bank, 8th March 2013


This performance was worth mentioning, if for the fact the live singing was rather dreadful. From the start, the performers sounded like they were struggling with the pitch and vocal control, and toward the end, it was pretty obvious they were not very able to cope with singing and dancing at the same time. It seemed quite a shame that alone undid most of the good work, like the song being a rather safe debut choice, and the okay outfits (though the jury’s still out on those leggings).


Ladies’ Code’s “Bad Girl”, KBS Music Bank, 8th March 2013


This rookie performance was better than the one above, if because the singing was better. I also thought the choreography involving the male back-up dancers was better executed than in the music video. The song also shows that these rookies can sing and perform. Now, if they just had that extra spark.


U-Kiss’s “Love is Painful” & “Standing Still”, MNet M! Countdown, 7th March 2013


After some mediocre performances, its nice to end this wrap on a high note, with U-Kiss’s comeback. The Soo Hyun and Hoon duet, “Love is Painful” was very easy to like, and is proof that U-Kiss is a group whose relative popularity does not match their abilities. The promotional single on the other hand “Standing Still” is more in the vein of their last releases “DORADORA” and “Stop Girl”. While the guys are polished performers, the song is not instantly captivating, and takes time plus a few repeated listens to appeal.


And that was the week in Music. Readers, what were some of your picks?