SHINee will be featured in the upcoming March issue of Nylon Korea, and frankly I’d really like to know who thought it’d be a good idea to snap a picture of the members before they’ve finished putting on their clothes and use it as the cover. And really, Nylon? “Naked SHINee”? That’s the title you’re using? Y’all are making my job way too easy.

Thankfully, the other photos in the spread are slightly less offensive than the cover. The concept is, obviously, “Chewing On Flowers While Jonghyun is Being a Douchebro,” which fits into Nylon’s usual artistic style quite nicely.

SHINee will be making their comeback this week and this next stretch of promotions will hopefully bring about some more magazine shoots that aren’t quite so awful. But hey — if half-naked, hipster SHINee in ugly denim really is your thing, then by all means…enjoy. The full photo spread as well as the interview with the members will appear in the upcoming March issue.

(images via Nylon Korea)