For a year so heavy on debuts, it might have been understandable that VIXX might have been one of those boy groups that just happened to slip under the radar. Still, hailing from Jellyfish Entertainment meant the guys in charge of them might have at some point had some canteen conversations with the ones who managed Seo In-guk, so they might have gotten a few pointers on finding success.

Given that the blurb to their music video promises a bold and shocking concept, it is worth giving them, and their latest single “On and On” another shot.


Sticking to previous VIXX concepts of pretty boys in science-fiction/game sets, the video opens with immaculately dressed female bodyguards opening a tightly sealed package containing the stars of the music video. They are later packed individually into capsules and shot into space, ostensibly for a mission.

While being transported in the capsules, the group members then come to life inside and do a few suave poses for the camera. They then lend on this mysterious planet which appears to be inhabited by nobody, except for this woman who appears only occasionally (and possibly to be saved?!)

The music video then descends into the usual clichés of handsome guys dancing alone on an uninhabited planet and posing for the cameras, ending with the whole group posing with the unidentified woman.

While I did like how the video played up to VIXX’s past themes of being superheroes, as well as how they attempted to explain how K-pop idols end up on mysterious planets (turns out they are just shot up there in capsules!), there were few attempts to flesh out this whole arc, or try to add more back story to the guys, save for a few nifty mid-air shots.

Although the plot was nothing much to speak about, the sets were worth commending. Particularly commendable was the MV’s attempt to re-create the B-grade science movie feel. I liked how it came from the introduction set, where the boys were being placed in the capsule, as well as the explosions when their capsules hit the mysterious planet. And finally, judging from the ground of the new planet, it was pretty much done with carpeting, not the CG that SM Entertainment could throw at EXO.

One final nifty touch. As the boys travel in their capsules, the VIXX logo is subliminally printed into the music video intermittently. A nice way of promoting the group I guess? So although the music video was done on the cheap, there were a few touches that made it endearing.

It was slightly unfortunate though that the promise of a bold concept was really followed through with the song, which sounds like everything else VIXX have done in the past. That is, a mix of electronic sounds, orthodox song structures, a clever Kongrish hook (I Need Therapy) and decent vocals. While it might be a pleasant listen, there was not too much about it that really broke new ground.

The same could also describe the choreography, which was reasonable, and had the hook move (that Zombie pose), but most of it could have also come straight from another guy group.

While VIXX might have done well to keep up their Superhero concepts, and also have a music video that played up to it (in a B-movie context), I was slightly disappointed that they did not really follow it with a bit more creativity in the other departments. Still, for those who seek comfort in the familiar, and could get over the teaser pictures first released, “On and On” is a song that does not merit overlooking and gets a 3.5/5 from me. Maybe the water-cooler talk with Seo In-guk’s management did help after all.

(Jellyfish Entertainment, RealVIXX)