January tends to be a slower month for releases, with most big-name groups taking a break for this period. Still, there were some performances worthy of attention.

December’s “Don’t Go”, KBS Music Bank 11th January 2013

While this will be the last promotional cycle we will be seeing from the ballad duo in a while, “Don’t Go” is a very good way of sending them off for their military duties. The song makes for pleasant listening, and while it might be slightly formulaic at times, there is great comfort in the familiar.

SNSD’s Taeyeon and Tiffany’s “Lost in Love”, KBS Music Bank 11th January 2013

This was one of those pairings I had been waiting forever for. Not only do I admire them as a professional working pair who happen to have a great friendship off-stage, it helps that this chemistry really works with them on the stage. This performance emphasises their individual strengths, while helping to play down their weaknesses. Helps that the song is enjoyable.

Infinite H “Without You” and “Special Girl”, MNet M! Countdown, 10th January 2013

The rapping duo of Infinite finally debut. While I like Infinite as a group, it is also admirable how Woolim Entertainment loves giving various members of the group individual projects to showcase abilities not necessarily shown in the group singles. Both songs are enjoyable and fall slightly out of the group mould, which is more than could be said of some solo projects, and I love how Dongwoo and Hoya are very entertaining with their stages.

Boyfriend‘s “I Yah”, MNet M! Countdown, 10th January 2013

Another group making their comeback seemingly within months of their last single is Boyfriend. Enlisting the help of hit-makers Sweetune yet again, this song makes for enjoyable listening, if slightly generic in nature. One thing I liked about this song though are the live performances, by not letting up until the song is over, and how much they have improved in live performances since debut.

Baek Ji-young’s “Hate”, KBS Music Bank, 11th January 2013

Along with SNSD, Baek Ji-Young was probably one of the bigger comebacks promised for 2013 in January. This release, in collaboration with famed pianist Yiruma, takes her back into more familiar territory after “Good Boy”. With enough differentiation from her OSTs, and a live that is hard to fault, she rounds out my picks for the week.

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