Another week, another round up of the best music show performances–welcome back! This time around, VIXX turns up the creepy and C.N. Blue is back to melt the hearts, while newbies like GLAM vie for the spotlight with their edgy hip-hop style, and, in other news, SNSD still has a boy. Let’s tune in!

130124 Mnet M! Countdown, Vixx, “On and On”

I love VIXX. I think they are way too underrated as a group and this song should prove me right. They’ve got a great arrangement of strong vocals and all the moves to prove it as well. It doesn’t help that this dark and thrilling piece is also crazy catchy. I’ve heard some mixed feelings about the angsty overtones to the concept, but I love it through and through. Definitely eye-catching!

130124 Mnet M! Countdown, Infinite H Special Stage, “Victorious Way” and “Special Girl”

OMG INFINTE H!!!! I’ve never in my life been a fan of Infinite until this subunit, and I’m glad both Dongwoo and Hoya could branch out like this for a second and get a way from solely pop. I didn’t think they could deliver the raps of “Victorious Way” the way it is executed on the album, and while it’s not all that stunning on stage, they did impress me. And who can’t get enough that adorable sweet “Special Girl?”

130125 KBS Music Bank, Nine Muses, “Dolls”

Nine Muses is still a total nugu act to me, and they’ve haven’t always been dealt content that’s right for them nor have they been managed well in the past. “Dolls” however is a nice return to the stage, and I very much enjoyed the jazz influences in this song, albeit the terrible vocals I think this groups has. But they’re trying right?

130125 KBS Music Bank, GLAM, “I Like That”

GLAM totally wowed me because I never expected anything quite as aggressive as this performance from a girl group. There song is infectious and it doesn’t help that these girls are totally animated in stage, making the entire performance a fun number. Special props for the b-boys moves in there too. Keep your eyes on these girls!

130126 SBS Inkigayo, SNSD, “IGAB”

All the IGAB performances this week were pretty meh to me, but I did like their Inki stage. These outfits were the least atrocious here and they actually looked a bit more in sync that usual (though that could be because this segment may have been pre-recorded, not too sure…). Anyways, I feel obliged to include SNSD because I think IGAB finally does these girls’ dancing skills some damn justice.

130126 Yoo Hee-Yeol’s Sketchbook, C.N. Blue, “I’m Sorry”

Jesus Christ, Yonghwa is honestly going to be the death of my fangirl heart. C.N. Blue totally killed this performance of “I’m Sorry” on their Sketchbook feature this week. The boys’ instruments were actually wired up for a real live stage for a change and you can hear Jonghyun, Minhyuk, Jungshin, and Yonghwa pour their hearts and souls into this performance. Hands down the best of the best this week! Enjoy!