As the year draws to a close, the honorary award shows start to appear. With these award shows, the customary red carpets and red carpet fashion also make an appearance. Earlier this week, the Busan International Film Festival was held for the 17th time, and actors and actresses from all over Korea appeared at the event. Even a few idols showed up.

Wearing the most daring dress at the event was Bae Soo-eun. The very revealing, peach-colored dress had a golden plate-like front that came up to cover her breasts, leaving most of her midriff and all of her back exposed. The racy dress might’ve been a little inappropriate, both in design and for the formality of the event, but I applaud Soo-eun’s confidence and bravery. Go Ara was also there, wearing a sparking red dress with a large bow on her chest. The V-shaped neckline and body-hugging cut flattered Ara’s lovely figure, but the dress reminds me of poker and Jessica Rabbit.

Han Hye-jin wore a strapless plum-colored dress with a triangular design on the front. Her sleek black hair was pull back into a low pony-tale. For accessories, she had a tiny bracelet and a small, silver clutch. Her look is rather forgettable. Show-stoppers Song Ji-hyo and Kim Jaejoong looked amazing, and in my opinion, this was especially so for Ji-hyo. Despite the slightly bland make-up, her sparkling silver dress redeemed the look with its draped style, showing a teasing amount of her figure. Jaejoong looked handsome as always, but a little tired and weary. Jeon Hyebin wore a white dress with antique lace and sheer overlay. Her hairstyle was rather plain and her look unmemorable.

Jo Yeo-jung arrived in a red satin dress, her hair pulled tightly back. Like many women at this event, she wore no jewelry to dress up her otherwise plain dress. Jung Woo-sung came in a black velvet suit — not the most stylish outfit. Kang Sora looked absolutely stunning in her navy blue dress. The bodice of her beautiful dress hugged her torso, flattering her figure, while her long, billowing skirt called to mind royalty.

Dressed head-to-toe in blush was Kang Yewon. Although I do like her shoes and clutch, her dress leaves something to be desired. In the photo next to hers is Kim Ah-Joong and Ji-sung. The gentleman’s hair could’ve been styled better — it’s rather distracting from his otherwise suave look — but his lady companion looked lovely in her silver gown. How the skirt and arms fade into sheer, see-through fabric makes the dress more interesting. One woman that didn’t wear a gown to the show was Goo Hye-sun, who instead wore a silky white blazer and shorts combination, complimented by a pair of golden shoes. I won’t lie, her look reminds me of SNSD’s concept for “Genie.”

Kim Kang-woo looked handsome in his black suit, as did Kim Min-jong. (See a pattern here?) Kim Sa-rang looked like a princess in her fluffy, tiered gown, her curled hair pulled over one shoulder.

Kim Sun-ah was dressed in a satiny tan-colored gown, striking an earthy, goddess look. A large mauve dress was worn by Kim Yoon-hye. The dress isn’t so bad but her shoes make a clunky, unpleasant match. Next to the ladies, Lee Byung-yeon looked dashing in his tuxedo.

Lee Jae-hoon also looked dashing in his suit. (… and it continues.) Thankfully, Lee Jong-suk added some personality to his look with a red blazer. I like his look simply because it breaks away from the other black-suited men at the event. Lee Jun-hyun wore a form-fitting, navy-and-skin-colored dress. The design of the dress, with the peachy insets located on her chest and sides, emphasized her figure. Her hair and makeup weren’t very special, but overall Jun-hyun looked lovely.

Lee Yeon-hee had stunning hair and flawless makeup but her conservative, navy-blue dress might put some people off. Personally, I find the dress a little regal, although the belt doesn’t please me. Lee Yeon-ji looked like a lemon in her dress, and miss A’s Suzy wore an ultra-feminine dress covered in flowers. Suzy looked cute but her dress was a little too girly.

Moon Geun-young stopped hearts in her simple yet sexy bright blue number. Nam Bora wore a foamy off-white dress that made her figure look a little larger than it actually is, but she still looked elegant. Nam Gyuri wore a slinky white dress covered in a shimmery design. Tight-fitting, V-necked dress in shades of blue or white appear to be the dress code at this event.

Not one to break the mold, Oh Yeon-seo also came in a silky blue dress. Hers, however, had a slit down the front rather than a V-neck. Park Hasun wore a full dress with a sweetheart neckline that looks awfully similar to Nam Bora’s dress above. But I prefer Hasun’s look to Bora’s, although it looks like her dress is about to give her a wardrobe malfunction. The tuxedo’d Park Shi-hoo looked very handsome on the red carpet, but I don’t like his fluffed up hair.

Park Shin-hye came in a floor-length black dress, cut shorter to her knees in the front, with platform heels. Her dress doesn’t capture my attention but  her hair and makeup looked impeccable. Park Shi-yeon also walked the carpet in black, but her dress was tight and sexy, showing a teasing amount of cleavage. Her swept-back hair complimented the sultriness of her dress. So Yoo-jin wore a hot pink monstrosity to the festival.

Son Eun-seo’s back-revealing dress added the perfect amount of sexiness to her look while the bedazzled straps on her dress added a good amount of glamour. MCs Tang Wei and Ahn Sung-ki stood together on the red carpet, Wei wearing a sexy blue-and-black dress and Sung-ki a regular tuxedo. Lastly, Yoo Ji-tae and Kim Hyo-jin arrived arm-in-arm. Hyo-jin’s black velvet dress was overly serious and conservative — she looked like matronly.

Which were your favorite looks? Mine were Kang Sora’s and Song Ji-hyo’s.

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