This week is the week of the comebacks: EXID, AOA, K.Will, Jewelry and Gavy NJ all held their comeback stages in this week’s music shows, while Mnet broadcasted the M!Countdown Smile Thailand concert that took place on October 4th instead of the usual M!Countdown. These are my personal picks for this week; don’t forget to share your favorite stages in the comments below!


AOA‘s “Get Out,” KBS Music Bank, Friday, October 12th

I don’t really get the whole band+dance group thing, so I’m glad AOA decided to start promoting “Get Out” with the band unit, AKA the more interesting one of the two. The girls definitely need to improve their instrument playback skills — they can probably learn a thing or two from their labelmates FT Island and CNBlue — but even with only half of the group, their vocals are quite good, especially the main singer. Besides, the drummer is totally kick-ass.


DBSK‘s “Catch me,” KBS Music Bank, Friday, October 12th

I don’t like “Catch Me” as a song at all, but when we talk about stages, nobody can beat them in stage presence. I mean, their backup dancers probably have more stage presence alone than any other complete group.


G.NA feat. Bang Yong-guk‘s “2HOT,” Mnet M!Countdown Smile Thailand, Thursday, October 11th

I wasn’t planning to include any of the performances from the M!Countdown Smile Thailand in this review since most of them weren’t currently promoted songs, but’s and Bang Yong-guk’s collaboration was way too hot — pun totally intended. Yong-guk’s smile at the end? I’m pretty sure even stones have chemistry with him. Sistar‘s “Hands Up” rendition almost made it, but then Dasom started screaming out of tone and Soyu got literally zero solo shots and they were out.


Ga-In‘s “Bloom,” MBC Music Core, Saturday, October 13th

I absolutely love when background dancers are well used (not only to fill the stage); Ga-In‘s “Bloom” is what I call a well-spent stage, and she sounds as good as always.


EXID‘s “Every Night,” KBS Music Bank, Friday, October 12th

EXID left me unimpressed with their last comeback, “I Feel Good” — sure, it was an improvement compared to “Whoz That Girl?”, but it still had the same flaw: not being distinct enough. “Every Night” isn’t also the most outstanding track I’ve heard lately, but it showcases one of the group’s strong points: their vocals. The main vocalist has a very nice sultry voice that really makes them stand out from other rookie girl groups, so if only they keep on taking advantage of it it they will be on the right track.


Crazyno‘s “Musiche,” KBS Music Bank, Friday, October 12th

This guy is really something: he goes on stage and dances like I do when I go clubbing (including the facial expressions), but he wears a bright green suit and carries around a baton. I think I like him.

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