Although the promotional period for TaeTiSeo has come and gone, no one is ready to forget the smashing success that was Girls’ Generation‘s first official sub-unit. The girls twinkled their way into everyone’s hearts and it was hard to see them go. The popular trio still appears weekly as the MC team on MBC‘s Music Core, but this month fans get a bonus since these lovely ladies are also featured on the cover of the July issue of Elle Girl. TaeTiSeo’s performance fashion was a bit all over the map, but the looks in this shoot a pretty cohesive. Muted neutrals reign, with dashes of color making brief appearances here and there. The liberal use of lace gives off a classy, elegant vibe–but abundance of very short shorts and a few well placed funky accessories keep the pictorial youthful. This is the teen version of Elle after all! For example, Seohyun looks sophisticated in a tiered tank and knee-skimming lace skirt, while Tiffany is playful in a crocheted romper and creamy white moto-jacket with eyelet detailing on the sleeves.


For being known as the “Kid Leader,” Taeyeon all grown up in her solo shots. She’s perfectly gorgeous in the jeweled burgundy Miu Miu blouse, with ruffled sleeves and black high-waist shorts. Red lips can look trashy and clownish at times, but complement this look. Her next ensemble takes her in the opposite direction, and while the Lucca Couture lace shorts do show of the petite singer’s flawless legs, the fringed floral top should be banished to the back of the closet.


The always mature maknae, Seohyun, finally looks the role in this shoot. Her solo shots have a carefree air about them and it suits her. A leather corset makes for a surprising addition to a sporty dress; the red sunglasses are definite attention grabbers as well. Her long crocheted dress is give a hip accent as well, in the form of the “cool” necklace where skulls replaces the o’s. This is a much more wearable look than the first, and would make for great airport fashion! The serious singer has definitely lightened up with this round of promotions, now let’s just cross our fingers that this side of Seohyun sticks around in the future!



Tiffany gets flirtatious in her first pose, which sees the singer in a Miu Miu tank and tiny scalloped lace shorts from bebe. The look is a little too “come-hither” for this particular publication, but the next shot definitely makes up for it. The mustard tank and mossy skirt strike the perfect balance between chic and trendy with the lacy tights and heart-shaped Linda Farrow x Jeremy Scott shades.  The tights are a tad overpowering though, and the look could probably be improved by ditching them altogether. Finally, Tiffany and Taeyeon get together in coordinating black and beige numbers. The duo both rock split-sleeve tops and killer heels.

Is Elle Girl helping with your TaeTiSeo withdrawals? Who’s style did you like the best?

(Elle Girl)