If you follow SNSD, f(x) or just SMTown in general, you are probably familiar with some of the most well-known siblings in the K-pop business. The Jung sisters, Jessica and Krystal, regular flaunt their sisterly bond for fans to see, performing special stages together and uploading adorably affectionate selcas on social media sites. This month’s Marie Claire took advantage of both their charming chemistry and beauty for an joint interview and an accompanying photo spread. Stylistically, when you combine the understated hair and fresh-faced make-up with some of the wardrobe choices, the shoot is like a distant memory of a childhood game of dress-up once played by the pair while digging through mom’s closet.

The photo that sets the tone for this interpretation is the shot of the siblings in coordinating Jil Sander Navy dresses. The colorful oragami print and girly cuts give off a youthful charm, as does their playful embrace. Honestly, what sisters so close in age weren’t forced to dress alike at least once in their younger days? They switch to a more sophisticated look in jackets from Dior paired with funky vintage hats. The netted veils make these items a must-have for any girl trying to look fancy and intriguing. This look is pulled off without a hitch.

The beads, the sequins, the horror! Jessica’s first solo shot is full of all three due to the monstrosity of a dress she wears. The matronly style is all wrong for the young woman, but a child would probably find the lure of the sparkles irresistible! While Krystal’s Marc Jacobs frock is a vast improvement, given the shiny nature of the item one can’t help but feel like she tried on the dress and the dry-cleaning bag at the same time. Jessica’s second solo shot is the best of the bunch. She sits pretty in a loose-fitting dress made of floral-print silk, her hair in face framing waves. Although she smiles sweetly for the camera, there is a mischievous look in her eyes.

Finally they are together again in a pair of off-white ill-fitting outfits, hair swept dramatically to one side. The sisters look like a couple of Greek Goddess wanna-bes, but the overall lack of color or anything interesting in the shot makes for a rather boring finale. The only saving grace of these unflattering ensembles is the intricate floral jewellry both are wearing.

What did you think of the Jung sisters’ pictorial? What was your favorite look?