We all know that showbiz –and K-pop is certainly no expectation – is made primarily up of glitter, and the photoshoots tend to follow this trend with bright colours, outrageous outfits and the tendency to make the idols look far older than they are. That’s why it’s refreshing to see something that allows the celebrity to be the most important aspect of the shoot. Worry not, this article isn’t going to merely wax poetic about Infinite’s faces. Much. Okay, maybe a little bit.

Let’s start with Sung-jong; wearing a Dolce and Gabbana shirt and denim shorts from A.P.C. It’s a real “schoolboy” look that makes me think someone needs to cast him in a live-action anime like yesterday. The outfit is jazzed up by his own accessories, and the rolled up sleeves and casual pose give his whole look more attitude. Simple but effective, the shorts and light shirt are a really good way to dress for summer, be you boy or girl.

Next up we have Hoya, whose eyes will burn a hole in your soul if you stare for too long, trust me.  He wears a plain T-shirt and Pocket Detail Raldini at Kuhn shorts. Again there is boyish element to the clothes and hair, but the large about of jewellery, mostly from Swarovski, adds a stylish touch. Personally I think they could have cut back on the accessories, especially the necklace.

Sunggyu has my least favourite outfit, the plastic glasses, the bali sandals, and the white jeans and belt from UNIQLO just screams to me “businessman in midlife crisis.” His pose is quite awkward too, and amongst the others he looks uncomfortable. Also, I thought it was Beast’s Kikwang at first look.

Might as well get the worst of it over with and point of Woohyun is also flaunting strap sandals, although he attempts to hide them by showing us a crystal skull that I think is Swarovski . Nice try kid. His rolled up chinos are band on trend and his J&J vest makes him look like the words most fashionable Indiana Jones (and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull!) I have mixed feelings about his hair, but mostly that I want to pet it.

I get the feeling a lot of different people wanted a lot of different things for Seoug-yeol in this picture. The top half is great, the Karen Walker sunglasses, exaggerated pout and a casual gingham shirt by Lacoste is perfect for a summer shoot and suits him well. The Kayiahkeuman dropped-crotch trousers I like, having a weakness for harem pants, but look impossible to wear in real life and seem to severe for the real of the outfit. Plus they look borderline ridiculous with the Addidas Originals trainers. Brogues, distressed hightops or canvas shoes would have been better choices here. Or even, dare I say it, sandals.

However all wrongs are righted when we get to Dongwoo. My first thought is, if even Korea remakes Footloose – here is your Willard. The combination of Dr. Martin creeper brogues, snapback and dungarees by Comme des Garcons’ Junya Watanabe perfectly captures a sense of adventure but also laid-back style. The graphic-print sleeveless T-shirt, spotty socks and his own collection of rings keeps the outfit fashionable. And judging by the look on his face, boy does he know it.

Finally we have L. Oh L, sometimes being the face of the group meaning you are just that – no outfit analysis for you. I’ve seen this look on him a million times before, and if the whole photo is of his gorgeous face I would have liked a more interesting take. That said the simplicity of his makeup and Leather Twist Bangle by Celebration is charming.

In conclusion the whole shoot showcases the boys’ individual looks really well, monochrome can be boring, more so if the outfits aren’t that mind-blowing. But Infinite have always suited plainer clothes and the attention to detail in this photoshoot gave it all the interest it needed. Suffice to say, a couple of these pictures will definitely be making into onto my wall. And praise doesn’t come much higher than that.

(1st Look)