Thanks for all the entries, guys! The response was overwhelming and we’re happy to see everyone’s just as excited about these great releases as we are. Below are the winners of each of the six albums:

CN Blue’s “Ear Fun”: Akilah aka KiKi

SNSD TTS’ “Twinkle”: Gem P.(^O^☆♪

Exo-M’s “MAMA”: Alicia

Exo-K’s “MAMA”: Sherli Kee

Busker Busker’s “Busker Busker”: _nhu

BAP’s “Power”: LightSnow

Winners, please send us a note regarding which item you won along with your address, using either the email address or the Twitter handle you linked to with your entry, and we’ll go from there.

For those who didn’t land something this time, don’t fret! We’ve got bigger and funner things planned for you guys. Thanks again to everybody for your participation and keep reading Seoulbeats!