Around a week ago, SNSD’s Jessica’s photoshoot for the brand Coming Step was revealed and finally I got the motivation to review it. I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile now, because the photo shoot is lovely and Jessica looks great in it. The choice of using her as the model was a good one; Jessica’s appearance and mannerisms fitting better with the “cool city girl” concept the brand is trying to convey. You may not call Jessica the best model in the world — you could even say she tries too hard to model — but she looked virtually flawless in this endorsement.

The idea is basic and unoriginal, but effective. Here you have a pretty girl walking around the city, eating at cafes, and shopping in cute outfits, looking every bit like a high-society, fashionable city girl. All she’s doing is modelling Coming Step’s clothing, so they don’t contain diversity in brand or style. The clothing is all basically the same: clean-cut, minimalistic designs with a few simple and classic pieces that are made modern through the neutral and earthy colors as well as details like fun prints and fishnet. The outfits themselves don’t require a lot of creativity — I’m sure nearly every girl reading this can easily replicate these looks. But all the same, the styling of this photo shoot may be a source of inspiration for women that prefer to dress more simply.

Jessica’s hairstyling and makeup is mostly the same throughout the shoot. Whether it’s pulled into a ponytail or loose, Jessica’s brown locks are always carelessly wavy. Her makeup is very minimalisitc, with pale lips and neutral eyes. Personally, however, I think Jessica looks a bit tired in this photo shoot. Her hair looks great but her eyes have a certain sag to them that hint at exhaustion. Regardless, she looks lovely — and very, very skinny — in her Coming Step clothing.

Looking like a shopper who has obviously been out spending money and being fabulous and important — just like you want to be, right? — Jessica wears more color in the next photo. Her green boyfriend blazer and bright pink pumps make her otherwise boring outfit a little more interesting. The second photo features a fluffy puppy that I want to keep and snuggle and take as far away from Jessica as possible. It’s so hard not to get distracted by the dog but Jessica wears a khaki coat over a chiffon tribal-printed dress and black strappy heels. Jessica’s coats look a little too boxy on her in this photoshoot but the style helps create the laid-back look they’re going for.

 Jessica also does quite a bit of layering in the photoshoot, wearing longer, looser blouses over close-fitting tops. Of all the outfits in the photoshoot, this (to the right) is my favorite because it’s the least basic. It’s still plain but better than a shirt and skinny jeans. I like the contrast of the army-green vest with the burnt-orange skirt and how both shirts match the picture on the skirt. The outfit is an easy summer look that would be good for a day of shopping.

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(Coming Step)