Like many other K-dramas, Love Rain is on my List of K-Dramas I Will Eventually Watch. However, I actually haven’t watched an entire episode of the drama, only bits and pieces. But it doesn’t take a dedicated drama watcher to appreciate the fashion featured in said drama. The characters played by Yoona in Love Rain, Yoon-hee and Hana, sport fashion that is nothing short of eye-catching.

Yoon-hee, the beautiful lead girl, is always dressed very, very primly. Mary janes, frilly ankle socks, swishy knee-length skirts, button-up blouses, cable sweaters, blazers, flowy cardigans, and gorgeous leather satchels make up her wardobe. Yoon-hee most often wears nude and pastel colors, fitting into the pretty, dreamy aesthetic of the drama. Her outfits are generally simplistic: a button-up blouse worn under a brightly colored sweater and tucked into a long skirt. Tiny little details, like pintucking and small floral prints, add to the otherwise simplistic look. Work with colors — you’ll notice that Yoon-hee’s outfits are very coordinated color-wise, her nude skirt matching with her nude mary janes and her white blouse matching with her white socks. In the picture on the far right, the bright raspberry-colored cardigan matches with the small flowers on her dress. Make nothing overly loud or obvious, the point of Yoon-hee’s outfits is to emphasize her demure character.

Another thing about Yoon-hee: she loves to layer. Thanks to Yoona’s birdwing slenderness, layered clothes never look bulky on her. Even as she — and her daughter — wear three to five layers of clothing, Yoon-hee still manages to look extremely thin and delicate (lucky her). As one might notice, Yoon-hee isn’t one to experiment with hair or makeup. Her sleek, shiny hair is always pulled back away from her face, and she wears little to no makeup, allowing her natural beauty to shine through. Visually, Yoona was perfect for playing Yoon-hee: she looks stunning in vintage clothing and is pretty enough to go without much makeup.

Hana is nothing like her upbeat, cute and quirky mother. While Yoon-hee is graceful and beautiful, Hana is cute and charming, constantly making strange facial expressions. Hana’s personality shines through her fashion sense the same way her mother’s does. Like how Yoon-hee’s demure character was reflected in her manner of dress, Hana’s oddball personality is seen in her rather odd fashion style. Of the two, I prefer Yoon-hee’s graceful silhouette in her flowing knee-length skirts but I do have a soft spot in my heart for Hana’s fashion as well. Hana loves the following: layering, bright colors, pom-pom ponytail holders, sweaters, coats, and wedged shoes. Unlike her skirt-wearing mother, Hana often wears jeans, colorful socks rolled over her pants rather than tucked in.

One can see a little bit of her mother in one of Hana’s outfits: a long pink skirt, floral blouse, and belted pink cardigan. She looks more cute than elegant in this outfit but still very pretty. In contrast to her mother’s long, pin-straight hair, Hana’s hair is always wavy and in some cute style or another. Typcially, it’s held in a pom-pom-covered tie or in pigtails. Hana, even moreso than her mother, loves to smother herself in layers, as seen in the far right pictures, wherein she looks like a marshmallow man. Hana’s overall look exudes a different sort of innocence than her mother’s, a sort of childlike innocence that goes along well with her bubbly character.

Whether playing Yoon-hee or Hana, Yoona always looks adorable in this drama and serves as my most recent fashion inspiration. Do you like her outfits?