For K-pop stars, one of the best ways to measure popularity is through CFs, which are advertisements. The more popular a group is, the more CFs that group has. Look at SNSD, for example. SNSD has countless CFs under their name, having added at least three this year alone. Infinite has been having an increasing amount of endorsements, selling cell phones and school uniforms alike. With the clutter of CFs that constantly permeates from K-pop, you can easily get lost or lose interest. Luckily, Seoulbeats is here to present five of K-pop’s best CFs.

Successful advertisements are ones that are eye-catching and effective, and I think we can all agree that few things are more eye-catching than 2PM’s Nickhun, Taecyeon, and Chansung and SNSD’s Yuri, Yoona, and Seohyun undressing. Lots of posing, lots of body-rubbing (don’t you do that at your locker?) and lots of flat-out sex appeal draws the audience in. The music and lighting helps set the scene for the six unfriendly-looking hotties, building up the tension. But then there’s a sudden change and the commercial goes from seductive to fun. Upbeat and nonsensical music plays in the background and people frolic around a water park. Ooooh, they’re advertising a water park! A water park filled with 2PM and SNSD. Who wouldn’t want to go?

Next is K-pop’s CF queens, SNSD. With dozens of CFs to choose from it’s hard to pick a favorite, but SNSD’s recent commercials for Lotte stood out. What better way to sell cosmetics than have nine beautiful girls look glamorous as they pout at the camera? There were a variety of commercials released for this promo, all of which are basically summarized in the video above. Aside from the slightly awkward-looking dancing, the girls look stunning and the HD quality of the commercials is what really made these CFs stand out.

Another favorite is this old CF filmed by Big Bang for iStation. This CF is adorable, sexy, and above all, amusing. As the girl clicks away at her device, the boys dance, sing, rap, and beatbox around her. Featuring adorable G-Dragon, beatboxing T.O.P, sexy, pole-dancing Taeyang, goofy Seungri, and sparkly Daesung, the commercial combined several different attributes about Big Bang to better sell the product. Lovers of Big Bang must agree: this ad is precious.

Big Bangs aren’t the only ones to have a funny ad — Lee Min-ho‘s ridiculous ad for Dunkin’ Donuts has enough hilarity to make anyone giggle. The ad doesn’t make a lot of sense, but ads generally don’t, anyway. Iced tea is poured into a glass. That glass innocently sits in the land, about to be annihilated by a wayward volleyball. Luckily, Lee Min-ho is there to save the delicious beverage. While Boys Like Girls’ “Great Escape” plays in the background, Min-ho makes a slow-motion dive for the drink, saves it, and is hit with a volley ball. As random as this commercial is, it’s highly amusing and that iced coffee does look refreshing. Best part: Min-ho’s grimaces. He looks like he’s in pain.

Last CF pick is Big Bang’s T.O.P’s old endorsement for Calvin Klein Jeans. Everything about this commercial is gorgeous: T.O.P, the cinematography, New York City, T.O.P. The alluring ad charms you with T.O.P’s face, the beautiful cityscape of New York City, birds, quiet background music, and T.O.P’s deep, chocolatey voice. True, we don’t get much of a close-up on what T.O.P is wearing and rarely glimpse the brand name but what does that matter? T.O.P looks darn good in those jeans. All men should wear those jeans.

What are your favorite CFs, Seoulmates?

(SNSD Pics)