Last week on the hit television show, “The Voice of Korea,” songstresses Jang Eunah and Lee Yoon-kyung stole the show with their own rendition of SNSD’s “Hoot.”

The performance was aired on March 30th, during a “one-on-one” stage battle. Eunah and Yoon-kyung were given “Hoot” to compete with, and were tutored by none other than Leessang’s Gil. The song was adapted to fit Eunah and Yoon-kyung’s powerful vocals and strong stage presence. At the end, the duo received an outstanding applause from the crowd for their cover.

The judges, too were impressed:

Shin Seung-hoon said, “This is the type of battle rounds I wanted. This is very fitting stage for ‘The Voice of Korea,” and “Jang Eunah is really attractive, and Lee Yoonkyung is truly scary [her voice].”

Their coach, Gil, remarked, “They’re both really good. However, Eunah should think carefully what song she chooses next to further show her talents.”

For their mesmerizing performance, Eunah and Yoon-kyung won the challenge! Check out their performance below!

(M Net)