Welcome to another edition of Seoulbeats Roundtable!

It’s the spring and you know what that means: spring cleaning! It’s time to take a look at our K-pop bias list and dust them off of our list for various reasons — or add new stars for various reasons.

Who was in your K-pop star closet and who are you dusting off or adding to keep up with the seasons?

Amy: I love me some Jung Il-woo but these last five months have been nothing but Jung Il-woo and I need a break. While I love him as an actor, I’ve been less than impressed with the roles he’s chosen to take on in his last two projects (Flower Boy Ramen Shop, The Moon That Embraces the Sun) and I need him to take a break and then pick up new projects where he’s a less whiny/mopey/shouty/enraged rich person and/or second-in-command prince.

Kim Soo-hyun stays on my list though.

Patricia: Choi Minho. The things I have to say about you and your depreciating quality in hairstyles. After seeing your Mr. Tumnus-esque appearance in your teaser shot for Sherlock, I knew that I had to boot you out of my bias closet for good. It’s been over a year since I’ve managed to find you physically attractive. We’re done.

Changmin, Henry, AJ, Nicole, Amber — y’all can stay.

Gil: I don’t have a closet. I have a harem.

Nabeela: Oh, please, Gil. Haven’t you ditched your harem and eloped with Sung Joon already?

For me, and I’ve said this so many times, my eternal lover bias is the one and only Jun.K of 2PM. There is something about Junsu that I has had me madly (insanely? maybe) in love with him since the moment I first saw him in “Again and Again.” Since then, no man has ever come close to having the same amount of love I have for Junsu. But that is, however, not to say I don’t get distracted sometimes.

This winter and spring, I’ll definitely admit to falling in love some more. The first to sweep me out of my chair and onto the floor recently was Beast‘s Dongwoon and Gikwang. Then I started having a crush on B1A4‘s CNU, and ended up falling head over heels crying for BAP‘s Bang Yong Guk and Jong Up. I can see myself giving NU’EST‘s Baekho some lovin’ too, but seeing as he’s 16, I may need to reconsider.

Gil: I can split my time between the two. We have a very…open marriage.

But yeah, my harem includes: U-Kiss’ AJ, Changmin, B-Bomb, U-Kwon, Himchan, Bang Yong Gook, Kris, Tao, Sanchez, No Min Woo, Park Ki Woong, Eric Mun, Minwoo, Dongwan, and Dongwoon.

…And as for my spring cleaning, it’s all my Super Junior biases: Kyuhyun, Siwon, Eunhyuk and Sungmin. You guys were once relevant but after the Mr. Simple fiasco of 2011 I no longer squeal and fangirl over any of you. If you would like to see a more detailed explanation please refer to my breakup letter I posted a while back. Same with Seungri; you were really cute and amusing to watch but your ego has gotten far larger than what you and your height can handle.

Amy: Everyone’s harems are making me feel like Kim Soo-hyun will be lonely in my monogamous bias-ing. So maybe it’s time to add some more??

Young-ji: Amy, I think you should, because Kim Soo-hyun has been cheating on you with me. Sorry that I had to break the news to you via email.

Gil: Natalie, Nabeela, and I share Bang Yong Gook. I’m pretty sure you two can figure out a schedule.

Bethany: My first ever K-pop bias was Kyuhyun from Super Junior because I fell in love with his voice the first time I heard “It’s You.” His personality also struck me as quirky and adorable at the same time–AND he was smart! But after a series of not-so-great songs from SuJu, I think I’m going to be dropping him as one of my biases. Sorry, baby, I still think you’re a cutie, but you’ve gotta go.

As for Yonghwa, Jay Park, and Myungsoo, you guys are all still safe and sound. And I’m tacking on Bang Yong Guk and Zelo as well too–they’re just too good not to add to my bias list.

Justin: Spring cleaning, interesting concept. I’d really have to think about this, but I guess S.E.S. They were my first love, but now they are getting married and having kids, so it means it is time to move on to someone else.

Ree: Can I just say my bias list has taken four years to perfect and to come to the place where it is now, so this is hard.

But… Seungho, I’ve been finding you less interesting as time has gone by. You were almost a non-entity in ‘War‘, and I’m not really sure what to do with you anymore. I have given you two years to really impress me, and you haven’t. So… I have to let you go.

Everyone else, you’re safe.

Also, I’m kicking out Taemin on behalf of Fannie. You’ll thank me later.

Fannie: OMG REE, I AM NOT KICKING OUT TAEMIN. The recent Sherlock debacle only serves to further bring out the noona instinct in me, and I only feel all the more need to protect the poor lamb from big bad wolves like Ree and whoever it is in SM that has been tripping on acid lately. Plus he’s got his lovely Lucifer hair back (when he has extensions in). And his voice is developing quite beautifully. And he’s legal now. Nuh-uh. He’s staying put in my closet.

As for my actual spring cleaning… I think it’s about time I give up two of my ultimate biases of all time:

Se7en will always hold a special place in my heart because he was my very first K-pop love, but I simply haven’t been feeling the magic in his most recent two promotions. Add that to the fact that he’s been dating the lovely Park Han-byul for the past 11 years… I think it’s about time I let him out of my closet so that he can properly propose to her at long last.

The other individual I need to reluctantly clean out is my ultimate K-pop girl bias: Stephanie Chunmoo of CSJH. I’ve been trying to hold out on the hope that she and Lina would eventually return to the K-pop scene and that someday CSJH will promote as four again, but realistically at this point I feel like it’s unlikely to happen. After all, Stephanie already has built herself successful career outside of K-pop as a professional ballerina, and if I were in her shoes, I wouldn’t be so certain I would give that up to put my life back into the hands of a company that mismanaged my previous career. Like Se7en, Stephanie will always hold a special place in my heart, but unfortunately I’m going to have to kick her out of my K-pop closet for now because… well… I’m not even sure whether she is even a part of K-pop anymore.

Heechul, I’m taking you off the shelf and stuffing you in a corner, until you come back from the army.

As for Kahi, Fei, CN Blue’s Jonghyun, Sungmin, Junho… you’re all safe for now.

In terms of new blood, I’d say that Sung Joon has recently earned a place in my closet. And although I don’t want to make any statements of certainty until after EXO‘s official debut, I’m definitely keeping a close eye on Lu Han as well.

Young-ji: I’m officially getting rid of Kim Hyun Joong out of my K-pop closet. Not that he had any talent to begin with, but becoming Yonsama 2.0 isn’t acceptable in my book. Also, he hasn’t been doing much last year, so out of sight, out of mind for me. On that note, I should also retire Rain and Hyun Bin. From what I hear, the Korean military turns sexy men into ajusshis.

Natalie: Let me tell you all a little thing about me: I have flawless taste in biases, so flawless that I have a hard time kicking anyone out. Because I have a hard time biasing people to begin with. In order for me to properly bias an idol, I have to really like something about them.

That being said, it’s time for me to properly say goodbye to some of my quasi-biases, people that I like best in a group but not enough to fangirl whenever I see them. So goodbye, Sooyoung and Seohyun. Don’t take it personally, I still like you both (although Seohyun’s uptightness and inability to express emotions properly makes me wonder why I biased her in the first place), but seeing you and your accomplishments doesn’t fill me with smugness and joy like it should. I’m thinking about saying goodbye to Taemin, who I liked best in SHINee, but that may be because I’ve been listening to Ree too much. I’ll put you on probation until your comeback is over and done with, then I’ll decide if I want to keep you or not. You’re lucky that you’re cute. From DB5K (they’re not together anymore but bear with me), I’m replacing Jaejoong with Yunho. Jaejoong, it’s not because of your recent controversy, it’s because I’ve just started like Yunho more. I liked you for your pretty face (shallow, I know) but Yunho’s a stand-up guy.

G-Dragon, don’t worry, you’re safe. You’d be safer if you got rid of your weave and went back to pretty-boy-blond. And Myung-soo, Woo-hyun, Dong-woo – you three and the rest of Infinite are safe, too. I’m not ready to divorce you three just yet. Bang Yong Guk, you’re still my husband (MY husband, not Nabeela and Gil’s special friend). Zelo, you’re still my baby. Himchan, Dae-hyun, and the rest of B.A.P. are also safe.

I’m adding Exo-M‘s Kris, Tao, and Lu Han to my bias collection, because all I’ve been doing lately is fangirling over these boys. Boys, although I can’t bring myself to really, properly, truly care about Exo Planet yet (debut soon, please), I do care about you. Kris, you and your deep voice and scowling face and smirks have beseeched me. I don’t care that you almost single-handedly degrade Exo-M’s dancing, you already have more swagger than most other K-pop rapper idols. Same goes for you, Tao. Tao, you’re such a beast. I love your creepy, penetrating gaze and black outfits and piercings and smirks. I love that you’re a badass with wushu skills and an admittedly strong, memorable presence. And lastly, Lu Han. Lu Han, I have several names for you, most of which have to do with deers and how you look like them. If I wasn’t already entranced by your doll-like face and doe-eyes, your pretty voice would do the trick. All three of you boys are making me stan Exo-M like nothing ever seen. I find it unfair that your group is consistently compared to Exo-K (although I’m actually guilty of this as well) and has considerably smaller chances of success compared to Exo-K. But it’s OK, not only do you (well, mainly Tao, Lu Han, and Kris, from what I’ve seen) have legions of loyal fangirls already, but your underdog status has endeared you to me even more (sorry Exo-K).

Salima: Nabeela, I say we do a dance off a la Dream High. Winner gets Jun.K’s heart once and for all! Or, you know, we could just go a couple rounds of kai-bai-bo.

To me, Junsu is the ultimate underdog story. From day one I’ve loved him for his strange mannerisms and quiet wit–attributes that not too many people seemed to notice about him. And then one day I looked up and he wasn’t just those things. He was this hot guy cracking hilarious jokes on variety shows, offering bold music productions, and killing me softly with his swag. Yes, swag. Jun.k will always, always stay in my closet. Or better yet, out of it.

There are two people I’m adding to my closet this spring: Taeyang and Lee Kwang-soo. An odd couple, yes, but there’s at least one thing they have in common and that’s that they’re both dancing machines. Gah, Taeyang if I wasn’t already committed to Jun.K I’d put on my own wedding dress and drag you down the aisle with me. As for Kwang Soo, no one really gets the my huge crush on him, but I do.

When I get around to dusting, I’ll definitely have to get rid of Kim Hyun Joong. I’m sorry, but we can no longer have a relationship built on the foundations of a beautiful smile.

Nabeela: Salima, three seasons of cross country conditioning, one of lacrosse, and a lifetime of soccer training has never prepared me more for this moment right here: for Jun.K’s heart, I’ll accept nothing than a fight to the death.

And Fannie, YOU HAVE GOT TO DROP TAEMIN. HE IS YOUNGER THAN I AM. I mean, sure, he’s been slowly building this certain sex appeal about his maknae-ness, but really–how has Sherlock not destroyed all such feelings you have little Taemin? He looks like jailbait in his solo teasers.

Maddie: My list remains the same for the most part: Ga-In, IU, CL, Gaeko from Dynamic Duo, Jia from Miss A, and Taeyang. I’ve put Kan Mi Yeon aside since she’s not in the limelight at the moment and just b/c. Some I’m considering are: Narsha, Daesung and Hyo-yeon from SNSD.

Jessie: I feel a bit like Amy in that I am woefully short on biases in comparison. If it was any other time, I’d consider kicking out Eric, but with Shinhwa finally coming back, that just isn’t possible. I’d also like to point out to Young-ji that Shinhwa pretty much proves there is still hope for Rain and Hyun Bin (although pay no attention to Andy, he totally turned ajusshi). Maybe you can just put them on notice? Also, there is no way I’m getting rid of Yunho (no matter how much Subi pays me).

So I must reveal a deep dark secret of mine to be able to fulfill this Spring cleaning task. I’ve been hiding the fact that I have SHINee’s Taemin on my bias list, simply because I didn’t want to be judged as being the stereotypical noona fan, and also, since he was underage I felt like a total creeper. This was supposed to be the year that I could wave my Taemin flag proudly and announce my love to the world–and then Sherlock happened. I’m sorry Taemin, but I’m going to have to kick you to the curb.

Gaya: It’s actually Autumn here, but Melbourne weather doesn’t give a damn about what season it’s meant to be, so I won’t either.

I’m sorry about Patricia kicking you out Minho, but I have to agree with her — you have been making my life difficult as of late, with your infantilism-inspired teaser pictures and fluffy perm… but I wouldn’t ever kick you, my first K-pop love, out of my closet; you’re going to have to screw up really badly for me to resort to that, but Exo-M’s Lu Han and Chen (Chen!) are making a very strong claim for the prime spot that you currently occupy. The fact that they haven’t debuted yet may the only thing keeping you safe. And I haven’t even started on Kris; let me say, I’m not the only one at Seoulbeats who wants him in my bed — erm, closet. I said closet.

Other, non-SM, entries include Big Bang, especially Daesung (sorry Seungri), and Fei has come back to the fore along with Seulong with their respective groups’ recent promotions. And drama-wise, Jung Il-woo is my ultimate K-drama bias and will always be there when I open my closet doors, but Kim Soo-hyun’s going into storage due to overexposure.

Michelle: Minho seems to be the prime victim. Minho has been top of my bias list since his 2008 appearance on 2PM’s Idol Army. As of this week, Lay (who I refer to as Yixing) and Gongchan are vying for the top position, which seems to show exactly how superficial I can be as well as how much I enjoyed B1A4’s comeback. Whether or not he really will be booted off the top spot is hard to tell, everything hangs on how “Sherlock” will turn out. So far, I am worried. That hair made me cry tears of blood. However, since SHINee does have a way of putting out insanity prior to the actual awesomeness, I’m reserving that spot and chaining those two young ones (although Yixing is the same age as Minho). And well, I’m one of the insane flamers who actually watch Salamander Guru, mainly just for Minho and also for the ridiculous amounts of cameos other favourites make.

Minhyuk of CNBlue is a stayer though, and probably always will be; the same goes for all my girl crushes, primarily Younha and Sooyoung. These people are flawless. Jinwoon also holds on, with his adorable face, wonderful voice and love for rock and guitars.

And I agree with Nabeela. Taemin’s solo teasers are horrific. He frightens me.

Johnelle: Hmmm, I don’t have much biases stuffed away in my K-pop closet… I go for quality over quantity. I’m dusting off my #1 Daesung after his hiatus–am so glad he and the other Big Bang boys are back. I also had to dust off Jung Yong-hwa, he and the rest of C.N. Blue had been kind of MIA on the K-pop scene while doing their promotions in Japan, but after last week’s concert (and a lucky encounter on an elevator), Yong-hwa is firmly back at #2. Although, I did tell the rest of the SB crew that if I had to choose between the two… Yong-hwa would be not a “loner,” but a “goner.”

I am seriously thinking about joining the KHJ dropping bandwagon, though. Kim Hyun-joong was my first K-pop bias–so I have a soft spot for him. But he’s been out of the limelight recently and I haven’t been a fan of his recent solo works so it just might be time to shelve “shillang.” Although, one good appearance on a variety show would probably make me dive right back into the closet, pull him back off the shelf, dust him off, and put him back up on the bias pedestal again.

Dana: Well, my Absolute Number One Bias of All Time Ever No Questions Asked is obviously SNSD‘s Tiffany — by now, everyone should pretty much be aware of the fact that we are BFFs and homegurls for lyfe. She has a permanent spot in my K-pop closet and absolutely nothing anyone does can dethrone her.

Because SNSD is pretty much all I talk about ever, I do have other biases within the group, but I’m thiiiis close to officially kicking Taeyeon out of the closet, since (besides being vocally impressive), pretty much nothing she has done in awhile has endeared her to me in any way, shape, or form. I might replace her with Hyoyeon or Yuri, but the jury’s still out on that one.

I’m not about to jello wrestle anyone for Minho, but I’ve always secretly biased Onew, and it relieves me to see that nobody else wants him — so I’ll keep him around for a bit longer (though I must admit that his hair seriously grieves me, it does). I will, however, get rid of Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, who was actually my first K-pop bias ever. I was put off recently by this news story, and also, what has SuJu done to deserve anything in the past 1.5 years? Kyuhyun bb, I’m sorry, but you’re out.

And on my lower shelves, we have 8eight’s Juhee, Younha, Ga-in, Jia (yo Maddie, we love the same people!) and Park Jung-hyun. They’re all too presh for me to give them the boot, so there they will stay.

Subi: My Bias Closet: DBSK’s Yunho. Oh my, how shocking. Time to go pick our mouths of the floor. No, but really, beyond my go-to conquistador of my heart, I coveted an assortment of K-poppers and K-poperellas. But things change.

TOP, I loved you. LOVED YOU. At one point, TOP and Yunho (Shh, baby, you always came out on top…haha, get it?) were neck and neck for my affections. But now? While the rest of your group runs around like they’re hopped up on equine tranquilizers, you just stand there, like you’re the shit and you run this world. Maybe you do. But that’s not the point! You’re arrogant, you’re indignant, and you’re-you’re, OH GOD NEVERMIND! YOURE STILL SO SEXY. But I still hate the rest of your group so I’m still probably going to push you into a volcano.

But the next mofo, I kid you not, I want to destroy. Donghae, we’re done. D-O-N-E. Done. Looking back on our relationship, I don’t even know why I liked you. I mean, yeah, you’re okay. You’re not a horrible singer, a horrible dancer, and you’re most definitely not horrible to look at. But so what? What exactly is your je nais se quois that pulled me in? Hell if I know. No, I do know. I liked you because you were hot but in order to remain a permanent fixture on my bias list, you need to offer more than that. And surprise, surprise, you don’t. And with your Night at the Roxbury, “Oppa, oppa” crap. Please. I deal with douchey, egotistical frat brats on a daily basis. I don’t need them on my K-pop bias list.

But in brighter news…

Ryeowook, I may have disliked you when Super Junior first debuted, I beg for forgiveness. Let’s let bygones be bygones and be cuddle buddies instead.

Gaya: You know what, I just realised that I picture my biases not in a closet, but as a bar shelf; observe: