There are times that celebrities will do things that just leave me baffled. Starting fashion lines is one thing. Many celebrities that I know of will start small, affordable clothing lines to be sold at regular department stores. Now, this is all fine and dandy, but the problem is that the clothing I see them put out is typically the most generic, boring, uninspired clothing I’ve ever seen. Like anyone could think it up. And then I’ll see celebrities go on about how they put their heart and souls into the collection, and I’m just like, “Really?” I’m sorry Miley, Selena, Lauren Conrad — nothing you’ve ever made has impressed me. To be honest, the only celebrities that I’ve seen actually produce nice clothing are Gwen Stefani, Jessica Simpson and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, among others. It’s higher end but classy. But now I’ve gotten off track and started talking about Western artists in a K-pop article. What lead me to this thought train was the news that 4minute’s Hyuna is starting her own fashion line with SPICYCOLOR.

The collection is called “HyunA X SPICYCOLOR” and features clothing with a 50s and 60s sense of style, which immediately struck me as odd. As someone that loves vintage clothing, particularly from the 60s and prior, I know what 60s and 50s styling looks like, and it does not look like what Hyuna is making or wearing in the teaser. I do not see full-skirted A-line dresses with princess collars, nor do I see shapeless shift dresses. I see sequins, thick corset belts, fur, and denim. There is nothing vintage-looking about this collection so far. The styling and clothing all look very modern, post 2000. The clothing also looks very boring to me so far, like I could find similar items of clothing at Forever21.

Hyuna herself isn’t what I would call a style icon, either. I’ve never been impressed with what she wears, in music videos or in real life. True to her sex symbol persona, Hyuna often dresses very minisculey. She’s often found wearing tiny little bodycon dresses or skimpy little shorts, highlighting her figure. More than that, she’s a very trendy dresser, which means that she is always wearing whatever’s in style. Bottomless fashion? Check. Loose, flowy tops? Of course. Leopard print? Done. She wears whatever everyone else in K-pop is wearing, which does not a fashion icon make. Fashion icons are trend-setters, not trend followers. So why, of all the stars in K-pop, Hyuna is starting her own fashion collection is beyond me. Maybe it’s to stay current in an industry where everyone fades eventually. Maybe it’s simply to expand her horizons, better establish herself as a multi-talented star. Maybe it’s because she sincerely likes fashion and wanted to start her own clothing line.

As a singer, I mostly showed my sexy side, but for my new clothing line launching in March, I tried to show my fashionable and stylish personality as well.

She’s just making a bigger name for herself in the industry.

Hyuna aside, who would you love to see start their own fashion line? I know SNSD’s Hyoyeon indicated that she wants to be a fashion designer in a Dangerous Boys episode. Seeing as how Hyoyeon is more of a free spirit when it comes to style, it’d be interesting to see what she’d create. Big Bang’s G-Dragon could make an interesting clothesline for men, if he ever felt the need to.

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