Sometimes it feels like SNSD is everywhere in K-pop. Dramas, music shows, variety shows, plays — you name it. This time around, it’s photo shoots. It hasn’t been long since SNSD’s last photoshoot, starring Jessica, and two other members have appeared in magazines this past week: Sooyoung for In Style and Tiffany for Vogue Girl. Now, even professionally styled and created photo shoots can be a hit or miss, but luckily both girls look absolutely gorgeous in their spreads.

Let’s begin with Sooyoung because she’s my favorite of the two. Sooyoung was obviously placed on this earth to model. Her naturally model-thin body, long legs, and beautiful face have made her one of prettiest members of SNSD and a girl that should be right at home between the pages of magazines. For this photo shoot, Sooyoung wears a short black wig, and as much as I love her with long hair, she looks equally stunning with a bob. The clothing she wears is figure-flattering, gracefully hanging off her thin form. I love her bright pink lipstick (it with the green Gucci dress in the first photo makes me think of strawberries and kiwi) but don’t really care for her outfit in the second photo. I’m just not a fringe-person. But at least her outfit matches her Christian Dior shoes.

 Sooyoung wears red in her last two photos. The red jumper gives pole-thin Sooyoung the illusion of an “S-line” while Sooyoung just looks adorable as she coyly smiles at the camera in the second photo. Did I mention how much I love the bright colors in this photo shoot? Everything looks like watermelon-flavored candy.

However, I must say, that of the two photo shoots, I prefer Tiffany’s. Tiffany’s photo shoot for Vogue Girl had a cute, feminine, dreamy charm about it that I loved as well as great styling. Overlooking the very obvious Photoshop, Tiffany looks stunning in her shoot. Her nearly-dyed red hair reminds me of Ariel from The Little Mermaid and she pulls it off quite well. Her makeup in this photo shoot is really precious — bright lips and neutral eyes. Eyeliner gives her eyes emphasis but her Cupid’s bow lips take up center stage. Her appearance in the photo on the left is really quite breath-taking.

 I’m so jelly of Tiffany in these last two pics — she’s wearing Miu Miu. I love Miu Miu. The crop-top and high-waisted skirt look lovely on her and have a vague vintage quality about them, calling back to the golden days when girls would sometimes wear crop tops and high-waisted shorts. I wish I lived in those days. But here in the present, Tiffany always wears an incredibly cute dress and cape combo in the second picture. This last picture is quite possibly my favorite of all — I love the cute little cat mask Fany wears. It’s such a sweet touch to the dreamy photo shoot. What I don’t like are her socks and shoes. I would’ve chosen differently but I’m not a professional stylist.

Do you like these photo shoots? Do tell!

(SNSD Pics)