Being highly famous, influential celebrities, SNSD has a large number of endorsements under their belt. For a while now, the girls have been endorsing J.Estina, a Korean luxury brand that sells jewelry and handbags. It isn’t uncommon to see the girls wear J.Estina handbags when out-and-about or jewelry (those tiaras) during performances.

This is how it works: whatever SNSD has is a hot item, making J.Estina’s products even more desirable to have, and as a result gives J.Estina an increase in sales. Meanwhile, SNSD enjoys publicity and freebies. So it’s a pretty sweet deal for both parties while us fans enjoy the pretty advertisements J.Estina produces. And the advertisements are always that: pretty.


Demure,  dreamy, and dewy – don’t you want some new handbags and jewelry now? The ad isn’t very creative – the girls simply walk around and pose wearing J.Estina jewelry and handbags, but it is effective. It’s beautifully shot, the girls looking even more lovely than usual as the camera focuses and blurs on them. The girls look supernaturally flawless — the most eye-catching being Sunny – with glossy pink lips, dewy skin, and sparkling eyes.

The pictures, however, I have a little bit of a problem with. Namely, they look photoshopped to high heaven. Hyoyeon and Taeyeon‘s hair look like copper, Sunny’s cheeks look a little swollen, and who I at first thought was Park Bom turned out to be Tiffany. Yuri and Seohyun are barely even bothering to smile. But what’s the most weird is Sunny’s body and position. She’s leaning over but her upper body looks stiff and a little malformed. I’m thinking her other arm is behind Yoona but whose arm is that under her? It doesn’t look like it should be connected to any of the girls. The girls don’t even look real in this photo, and not as in “They’re so beautiful asdfghjkl” but more like they were created using CG.  The styling looks fine, and although the girls look computer animated, the overall picture is pretty nonetheless. The girls wear muted, demure dresses in natural colors. I must say, though, that Sunny’s dress looks weird with the waterfall of tulle, Sooyoung looks wrapped in a sheet, and as always, Tiffany has her torso obstructed by another member and her arm.

The girls all have individual pictures as well, for jewelry and handbags both. Their individual pictures are better than the group pictures, looking more natural. Yuri looks like a bombshell in her picture, wearing a skin-tight snakeskin dress and matching J.Estina clutch. Yoona looks more prim with her sleek hair and loose white dress.

Tiffany and Sunny wear muted dresses in their photos. Sunny wears the same dress as she does in the group pictures, but Tiffany wears a different ruffled dress. Like I mentioned earlier, I’m not a fan of Sunny’s dress — it looks strange with its swarm of tulle stitched on. In contrast, Tiffany looks cute in her dress.

Both Jessica and Hyoyeon look lovely in their pictures, although Jessica’s expression is throwing me off — is she trying to smolder or what? She should just smile instead! Regardless, I wish I could buy the blue bag Jessica is holding. Hyoyeon looks perfectly cute and charming, especially since her hair doesn’t look like copper in this picture.

Do you like SNSD’s J.Estina advertisements?