Misty Blue is a trio consisting of vocalist Jung Woon Soo, bassist Choi Kyong Hoon, and guitarist Lee Jeong Woo from small-time music label Pastel Music. This soft rock and alternative group has been putting out music since 2005, some of their early works including OST’s like Comfort for the timeless drama Coffee Prince and other singles for Pastel Music compilation albums.

Misty Blue’s first full album Your Star’s Name Is Sirius B, released in June of 2005, features 14 tracks of self-written and self-composed indie and alternative jingles. In 2009 and 2010, Misty Blue also released the four-part “Sentimental” EP, which is comprised of four separate EPs titled Sentimental Con.Troller, Sentimental StoryTell (h)er, Sentimental Steady Stellar, and finally Sentimental Painkiller. Check out some selections from the Sentimental series!

Apart from their colorful and unique album covers, Misty Blue also has a unique sound. Their melodies are very calming and soft-spoken, and their instruments blend together seamlessly to create a fluid harmony between music and lyrics. Balancing strings and vocals, Misty Blue is a dose of different even for the indie scene. They have managed to stay afloat for several years now despite the difficult path to making it as an indie artist, but are able to hold their own with their creative endeavors in both their album artwork and distinct music.

(Last FM, MistyBlue Official)