Welcome back to another segment of Baby Talk, where we open the floor to allow you all to spazz about discuss MBLAQ’s recent Hello Baby episodes, episodes three and four. We are now four episodes in, coming up on five fairly soon, and so far so good, right? Seungho is shaping up to the #1 daddy all around, with Mir bringing up the rear as a pitiful playmate. Good thing there’s still plenty of time to polish up those parenting skills! Here’s a quick recap of episodes three and four.

Episode 3: Welcome home, Hello Baby!

  • The MBLAQ family and their three interracial babies get a house all to their own to wreak some havoc in
  • The daddies and their lovely children run off to the market and the toy store to stock their lovely new place
  • Lee Joon (thanks for the tip!) scares Leo with the new shark balloon and Mir makes Dayoung cry at dinner


Episode 4: Some family therapy

  • So of course, the boys are overwhelmed at the idea of caring for three kids. First stop, a child specialist!
  • The MBLAQ dads get ranked, and learn how to play as well as discipline their kids
  • The family heads to a temple to engage in some mellow family fun time to chill the kids out, and Lauren, our little diva, doesn’t like her brown robes


I personally am loving the series so far, and Seungho and Joon especially have impressed me so far! (So precious when Joon cuddled Dayoung when she cried!) Oh, and I keep forgetting Mir is not one of the babies; who knows, by the end of the series, he may very well still be the eternal maknae. Remember, Baby Talk is a discussion platform for you to vent  and squeal about what’s been happening in the series as of late.

Be sure to look out for the next Baby Talk segment when Gil and I get down and dirty with an analysis of the show and its progress so far!