In May 2002, musicians Kang Hyun-min and Lee Jae-hak put their brains and guitars together to start the alternative pop and indie-rock group Loveholic. The duo quickly auditioned and recruited who would soon become their lead female vocalist Ji Sun. Since their formation, Loveholic has composed and produced four full length albums under their record label Fluxus Records. Loveholic has also contributed their expertise to the official soundtracks of many popular dramas and movies, including Boys Over Flowers, 200 Pounds of Beauty, Coffee Prince, My Name Is Kim Sam Soon, and Spring Waltz with the song “One Love.”

Ji Sun herself was featured in many other songs by other artists, perhaps most notably in Epik High‘sParis.”

Loveholic’s music ranges from the fun and easy going to the serious, and lyrically emotional. Both Hyun-min and Jae-hak are exceptional guitarists with great musical genius, and Ji Sun’s voice is high but well toned and even powerful at times–her vocals compliment the smooth musical compositions of the much of Loveholic’s work. These elements have kept Loveholic going strong for several years despite the hurdles many artists indie music industry often encounter.

Check out some of my personal favorites from Loveholic!

In 2007, vocalist Ji Sun parted ways with Loveholic. Both the guitar duo and Ji Sun pursued different avenues of music from then on out, the reasons for the split was never really disclosed or discussed. Despite the bump in the road though, Hyun-min and Jae-hak decided to the keep the Loveholic project going by renaming it Loveholics.

Now the guitarists produce music that often features other vocalists, primarily from their label Fluxus, to contribute to their on-going musical ambition. Loveholics first single as a new group, titled “Butterfly,” featured several Fluxus vocalists working in collaboration with Hyun-min and Jae-hak.


Although Loveholic has faced some bumps along the way, the group has nonetheless been successful in producing original and thoughtful music and staying true to their beliefs as musicians. Their unique sound has earned them much respect in both the Korean and Japanese music industries as well as popularity for their fun and mellow music. Be sure to check them out!

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