Basic House collection featured gorgeous Park Min-young in various print ads for their latest collection. Park Min-young channeled various expressions;  sometimes gentle, joyful, but in all of them, she was absolutely alluring.

In this first shot, Park Min-young is looking serene while sporting a ‘busy’ ensemble. I love the juxtaposition of her quiet expression to loudness of  the outfit. The printed T-shirt combined with the black polka-dotted skirt really captures a fun trendy look that Basic House is known for. Generally, I’m afraid of using prints on prints because I fear them clashing, but the simple silhouettes of these pieces show me the error of my ways. But now I’m rather upset that there isn’t a Basic House nearby. Le sigh.

Oh, colors! Although I understood that this look was suppose to be a fun quirky play on the  classic ‘business’ look, I couldn’t help but think “business on top, party from the waist down.” Here the young actress is sporting a classic nude boyfriend blazer with a printed T-shirt. The T-shirt, although bright in its own right, fades in comparison when paired with those pants. These bright blue pants seem to be something that SHINee would endorse or maybe Park Min-young took them from Lee Min-ho’s closet. He does have a fondness for unusual pants. And as much as I love red shoes, these shoes took this outfit from brightly trendy to sadly overworked. This is a rare occurrence where I would rather have seen cute flat oxfords than the sexy red wedges. I know, I’m still in shock.

This is my favorite photo out of all of them. Even though it isn’t a full body shot, I can see how lovely this dress is from the look of pure joy on Park Min-young’s face. Okay, that might be stretching it but you could probably predict what the rest of the dress look like from what is shown. Everything from the light printed fabric to gathered ruffles conveys delicate femininity.  It’s one of those wonderfully girly confections that just make you smile. I adore it!

Now I’m really upset that there is no Basic House here.

This one amused me, mostly because I don’t know if it is posed or something that was taken behind the scenes. But I would have to point out that no one eats ice cream looking that good, especially when they’re ‘unknowingly’ filmed. And if the ice cream debacle wasn’t enough, I looked at what she was wearing. Oh Basic House, why? I wouldn’t have mind the romper if it weren’t so ill fitted. The white cardigan on one shoulder seemed like a forgotten afterthought. And I’m not going to even mention the belt. All I can really see in this shot is that rack of clothes and all the other clothes that I would rather have her wear instead.

Park Min-young is currently a hot commodity.  With dramas like City Hunter and Glory Jane under her belt, this young starlet is reaching new heights of fame and popularity. Basic House is known for getting the hottest celebrities to represent their brand. The list includes Goo Yoo, Moon Guen-young, Lee Min-jung, Yoon Eun-hye and Kim Hyun-joong. And now Park Min-young can join this exclusive list as well.

Yeah, I would celebrate too. You go girl!

(Sina, Basic House)