Last week was filled with music videos, award shows, photo shoots, and everything else that happens on a regular basis in K-pop. Because of the events, there was a lot of fashion, but I’m just going to cut it down to my favorite and least favorite looks of the week.


First up is a lady I forgot to mention in my MAMA article: the lovely Yoon Eun-hye. Her black dress is simplistic and has utilitarian influences. A slit shows a teasing amount of leg, adding sexiness to her look. She looked fabulous for this event, not overly dressed up but not under-dressed either.

Also making the Hit List is SNSD’s Jessica in her “First Look” photo shoot. In her first picture, Jessica looks sexy with a rose in her mouth and her dress raised just a tiny bit. Her look is classy and feminine. Overlooking the dead animal on her head, I also liked her outfit in the second photo. Her outfit is very mod-looking. The brightness of the white socks in contrast to the rest of the picture is very off-putting, however.


There was a lot of bad fashion last week. One was the recurring use of a white dress by four different K-pop celebrities. Lee Hyori, Son Dam-bi, Kim Min-hee, and Yoo In-na were all seen wearing this white dress for reasons I do not know. The dress isn’t horrible, but it’s overly simple and boring. The severely uneven hemline is tacky and the dress closely resembles a sheet.

Jessica appears again with two more of her outfits in “First Look.” In one, she wears a fake mustache and spectacles. I just find this look creepy. In the other picture of her, Jessica appears to be smothered in fabric.

Aside from these ladies, Wonder Girls’ wore mossy dresses in their Google+ video. There is no excusing those horrible dresses. Velvet, puffs, and dark green should never be combined. The girls had another fashion offense last week, wearing abysmal dresses to “Strong Heart.” The patterns, the cut, everything about those dresses was a fail for me.

What are your thoughts on these looks?