Then join Seoulbeats!

Seoulbeats is looking to add to our growing team of ideas, opinions–and writers. As a catch all commentary, Seoulbeats wants to make sure that we share a variety of different point of views on what’s currently happening in K-pop in order contribute to the dialogue and the growth of the Hallyu wave. Whether you are interested in K-Pop, K-Drama, K-Film, or anything that can be categorized as Korean Entertainment or a product of its influences, we want to hear about it and we want to hear it from you.   So if you feel that you have an original voice with original insights that you want to share with rest of us here at Seoulbeats and the rest of the K-Pop community, this is your chance!

If you are interested in writing for us, please send us an email at with “Writer Applicant: (Position of Interest)” as the subject line, along with a sample of writing that you can imagine on the site.

Please see following for a general description of what we are looking for within our writers:

Drama/Film Writer: Ever notice the rich boy, poor girl motif in K-Dramas? Ever consider the theme of revenge in K-Films? We are looking for writers who can review dramas and/or film on an on-going basis. We are not looking for recaps but compelling reviews of why you think our readers should hop on the drama/film bandwagon or why they should avoid that particular drama/film all together.

Music Writer: Wondering when SHINee will blossom into manly men? Hoping Big Bang’s TOP gets some dancing lessons? While some artists are enrapturing, others cannot be taken seriously and we are looking for someone can express their love or criticism with eloquence and/or humor.

Socio-Cultural Writer: From the spread of the word “hwaiting” to the Flower Boy phenomenon, we are looking for someone who loves to analyze the social-cultural impact of the Hallyu wave phenomenon and share how one of our favorite forms of entertainment, is going above and beyond the screen and changing our everyday lives.