Seo In-young just released her new title song “Oh My Gosh.” Some may like the strong electric sound but overall, the song is very annoying.  How many times do I need to hear “Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh” over and over again in a 3 minute song?  Seo In Young aka Elly worked with European producers to bring the “vintage electronic” genre to K-pop.  Perhaps she missed the memo stating that the electronic club music is currently in.  

Aside from the genre and annoying lyrics, the most disappointing element of her new track is that Seo In Young’s true voice is hidden because of autotune.  It’s hard to judge how she will perform this song live, but it’s unfortunate that her strong vocals are masked by the autotune.  Additionally, given that she’s not an idol anymore, she should have gone forward with songs that bring out her vocal skills than to come back with the typical idol style song.

In terms of image making, this song leverages her strong and her “evil” image, as seen from the song’s lyrics ordering a man to act a certain way to become a real man.  The choice is clear from a marketing perspective, but this song isn’t certainly going to help her change the strong image that she has been trying to “overcome”.  She totally lost her rights to complain, given that she is once again pursuing this type of songs.

Overall, Seo In-young is back with another badass image but with an annoying song. Do you see her song in number one spot in front of Wonder girls? Girl’s Generation? T-ara? Can her new song compete against these groups?

(tommyboysound10, star)