Well hello handsome, it’s been awhile. Hopefully Gong Yoo will dive back into dramas now that he finished his mandatory army service, can we just have a drama where everything takes place in a shower?

And Lee Min-jung is a rising star that is not be over looked. Although most people might remember her as Jun Pyo’s fiancee from the hit Boys Over Flowers, she won my heart over as Seo Jung-in in the family drama Smile, You. Anyway, here they are modeling the 2011 Winter Collection from fashion brand Mind Bridge.  Honestly, this line feels more Autumn than Winter, mostly because there is an abundance of warm tones that I associate with Fall.



Left: The first look is so very preppy and darling. Here, Lee Min-jung is wearing a navy wool coat with brown tights and tan lace up booties. What really won me over were the small details. Her brown saddle bag, although not fully shown, is absolutely drool worthy. The small black tie is a nice touch of feminine charm. And the small pops of color from the argyle sweater? Genius.

Middle: The second look is a great mix of casual and modern. Do you know what I absolutely love? The skirt is knee-length! I haven’t seen one of these in Korea since…forever. Here the actress is wearing a grey knit skirt topped with a striped top. And the lovely jacket with the leather sleeves and white lining gives off natural trendiness that all girls strive for.

Right: This look reminded me of the first look, it seems that the cute preppy student look is all the rage. The actress is shown wearing a black geoprint sweater matched with a denim button-up shirt. The look becomes even more enchanting with the addition of the teal clutch and the fur accented tan coat gives off a feeling of luxury.


Left: I know that the bottomless look is in, but I still find it a little hard to swallow. Anyway, here  we see Lee Min-jung in a relatively shapeless sweater with a cowl neck. I don’t like cowl necks because they shorten the neck. And this puffy purple parka is on the wrong side of cute, but it does look warm, so I can give points for that. This outfit hides her shapely silhouette and make her look frumpy; so not attractive. PS. I hate the boots. Those fuzzy legs/sleeves are silly and they give people the illusion of big calves. Urgh, no.

Middle: This is another trend that went wrong. Small fur accents can transform a plain coat to a must-have item instantly but too much of it can be very distasteful. I found that this look aged  this pretty young actress. A shapeless sweater dress paired with an all fur vest, this just screams overkill. And the boots with the tassels look so outdated, which only makes Lee Min-jung look older. Or that she raided her mum’s closet…

Right: The only plus in this look is that she has pants one. That’s all. The clunky boots combined with the length of the coat makes her look short and stout. Even the cinched belt didn’t help the fact that this thick black wool coat bulks up her figure. If it was made with a much more forgiving fabric, it could have been a much better look.


Left: If Lee Min-jung was the pretty campus queen then Gong Yoo is the hot professor that all the girls have a crush on. Although I’m not a big fan of the rolled up pants leg (it shortens you), I do like the overall feel. The mustard sweater over the button-up and tie is simply adorable. I love how fitted the jacket is, it just brings out his broad shoulders. Plus, it really helps that Gong Yoo looks so confident and cute here.

Right: I really like the small things in this shot. The tan lace-up boots are great and they give a great urban feel to the overall preppy look. Although I thought the plaid jacket wasn’t as fitted as it could have been, it does tie in nicely with the maroon scarf and checkered accents. Eh, cute but forgettable messenger bag, but I guess men don’t really care for a “loud” man-purse.

All: I paired these too photos together because it was basically the same look, but in different colors. I love these types of jackets/parkas, they look so warm and have such an easy vibe about them. Once again, it is a variation of a tie with a button-up, paired with a waist coat. This look is classic. And here the differences lies mostly with the different pants and shoes. I do like the burgundy slacks, I could do without them being so short but the man is 6′ 1/2″* so maybe they didn’t plan ahead? I like the fun colorful oxfords for a quirky Professor vibe. On the right, I didn’t like the navy cargo pants because it is a redundant design. Why make them so tight? You can’t put anything in them without showing everyone what you have in you pants. (HeHe…) Adorable leather shoes though, it connects a lot better than those orange – blue oxfords.


Left: I just never likes those waist belts on men. I have no idea why, but I feel it is because it cuts them weird. I probably would have liked it a lot more if it was sans belt with different shoes. Any other shoes would have been preferable.

Right: There really isn’t anything all that bad about this shot. It is just dull. It is forgettable and rather plain. At least the coat is beautifully fitted and so are the pants, love these shoes more than the last pictures. They should have switched them. At least then they could have done a sophisticated country club like shot.

All in all, it was a warm photo shoot. I did feel that there was too many tan-colored pieces, which still screams Fall/Autumn to me. I liked how this was about the clothes and not about the “artistic vision” the designer was trying to get across.  However, this photo shoot wasn’t very cohesive in its concept. Unless the concept was campus fashion, it seemed a bit unusual that one spectrum was the older suave man and the other was the young fresh girl. And I doubt that everyday men would love wear such preppy styles. As much as I love Gong Yoo, I feel that someone like Lee Seung-gi would have been better suited. What do you think? Did Gong Yoo bring it or could someone else could have done a better job? Did Lee Min-jung outfits made you want to go shopping or just fall asleep at the desk?

 *Sorry for the height confusion!  I saw 6’1/2″ and did “1/2 of a foot is…”. It was truly a silly error, my mistake!

(Basic House, Mind Bridge)