Hitting the bottle – it seems to be a phase all kpop idols go through at least once in their careers, some even get hooked. No, I’m not talking about soju, but bleach! Going blond is one of the easiest changes an idol can make for a new concept and some of the biggest names in the industry have done so. G-Dragon and TOP have both done it, there were practically more blonds than brunettes in Super Junior during the “Don’t Don” promotions and fair hair was a look Jaejoong was known for. Heck, even BoA lightened up for her most recent Korean promotions. Lately, the blond that has been making the news is SNSD’s Sunny. Her dramatic bob has been mentioned almost as many times as Teddy Riley’s name was dropped before the girl group’s recent comeback.

Unfortunately, Sunny’s stunning new look is just a wig, so as soon as the performances are done it is nowhere to be seen. This is rather smart though, considering the difficulty of achieving a nice color when taking dark hair so light, as well as the potential hair damage and time consuming upkeep. Let’s take a look at some of the current blonds of kpop to see which ones rock the look and who should go back to the stylist.

● For all of his misguided fashions, the one dramatic look that really works for Key is light hair. He has tried a variety of light shades recently and the look matches his flashy personality.

● It feels as if Secret’s Zinger has been blond forever, but the new “Love is Move” look is the best. The super light locks have dark streaks that adds striking contrast.

● Kim Hyun-joong went lighter for his latest “Lucky Guy” comeback. The caramel waves compliment his skin tone while providing a fresh look to differentiate from his very recent previous promotion.

● Ever since Hyoyeon went blond, she’s really seems to have come out of her shell. Her current shade looks way better with her complexion that some of her previous attempts, which were too light for the singer.

● Eunhyuk is no stranger to bleach. He has changed up his hair color many times for Super Junior promotions. His current platinum look has no shape and is shockingly pale. This is an admirable feat, but not a flattering one. The golden-toned hairstyle he had during “No Other” promotions better suited the dancer.

● A member of rookie group B1A4, Baro, recently lightened his hair, and while he gets bonus points for keeping such a silky sheen, the bowl cut is simply unforgivable. This color would not be a bad look on the singer if his hair were styled differently.

● Yeeun’s super-light tresses lack life. The dull hair often makes the singer look washed-out. She also falls victim to the biggest drawback of going blond: constant roots.

● Two members of MBLAQ went white-blond for their Japanese promotions, although Seung Ho quickly toned his down a number of shades darker. Thunder, however did not follow the leader’s example, and kept his day-glo ‘do. Too bad he isn’t rocking a wig like Sunny!

Who has been your favorite blond idols? Who should stay away from the bottle forever?