On November 24, 2011, stars from all over Korea walked the red carpet in the Seoul Olympic Park Stadium to attend the ‘2011 Melon Music Awards’.

Stars who strutted their stuff included SECRET, SISTAR, BEAST, Baek Ji Young, f(x), Leeteuk, IU, Super Junior, and many more. And where there is a red carpet, there are sleep deprived individuals who watch them with a critical fashion eye.

No time for dilly dallying, let’s get right into it!

SISTAR: It is a high shame that the girls wore tooth fairy costumes to the red carpet event.

Bora‘s dress really bothers me. I don’t know who thought it would be a good idea to put a ring of rosettes around her waist, it made her look much thicker than she really is. And I’ve never met a woman who wanted to look thicker there. Never.  Hyorin’s was just as bad, it was an explosion of white roses. Soyu‘s and Dasom‘s were alright, but nothing stunning. I did like the idea of the shawl with a short dress though, but the execution was poorly done.

SECRET: Yay for not matchy-matchy outfits! I like that I can see the connection of the group (i.e. the colors) but still stayed true to individual styles.

I’m totally into Sunhwa’s dress. I like sequins when done correctly and no; just because you’re hot, doesn’t mean you can wear anything  (Binnie, I love you but that tracksuit was terrible.) I love the length of the dress and I love that it had long sleeves instead of sleeveless or strapless. Jieun’s outfit was alright, the cut of the dress is flattering on her and I do like the little fur vest. I also love how this girl is also an accessory addict. I really don’t know how to respond to Zinger’s outfit. I feel like if you are going to an award ceremony, shouldn’t you wear pants? Those shorts are very thin and tiny. Then she puts on the ruffle infested jacket. Am I the only one that see samba dancer? Her saving grace are her shoes, I adore them.

 Baek Ji-young: I totally in angst over how much I love this woman vs. how much I hate her dress…

I don’t think I need to say much about how terrible this dress is. It’s shapeless. It’s unflattering. It doesn’t fit her. There is so much bad, I can’t even find any good. I’ll just take solace in the fact that she still wore it with grace and confidence. You go girl!

 f(x): I didn’t hate it, but I definitely didn’t love it.

It is always fun to see what Amber wears. This girl has so much confidence that she can pull off most looks than some men would balk at. Including this terminator inspired number. So much leather; why pair leather pants with a leather trench? Unless SM owns a tannery, I don’t see the appeal. Victoria always look impeccable. I love her soft feminine dress paired with the strong black leather jacket. Sulli looks so amazingly chic! Her’s is by far my favorite look in the group. Her legs look endlessly long in the dark jeans with the black boots. I think her grey cropped top with small leather accents perfectly ties in with the rest of f(x) but it is still so distinctively Sulli. Both Luna and Krystal‘s looks were cute but rather forgettable.

IU: Who ever your stylist is, give her raise and never let her go.

I love love LOVE this dress. I tend to hate dresses in anything orange, but IU really shined in this little apricot number. The cut is perfect and age appropriate. Everything about this dress accentuates how slim her waist is, from the small puff shoulders to the ruffle skirt. The entire outfit’s details are simply amazing; the zippers, the sequins lapels, the key hole cut out in the back,  the cute clutch, and her translucent tights! And her glitter shoes! Oh, I think I need CPR! Even the hair is styled in absolute harmony with the ensemble.

You can see that IU knows she looks fabulous. Look at her strutting her stuff!

 BEAST: Urgh, why the awful identical coats? Why?

I seriously hate these coats. It doesn’t matter if they tried to dress them up with various accessories, they are still atrocious. The coats have too many pockets, I really hate those breast pockets. And the contrasting leather is just so awkward and it looks cheap. It’s a good thing that Doo Joon changed into a tux to MC the event, because those outfits are cringe worthy. I think these are the stage clothes that they wear to perform in. Nonetheless, they are still ugly. I’ll give Yun Hyung props for wearing sunglasses, surprisingly it works. It’s because the boy has swag.

Super Junior: I really hope you guys didn’t pick out those outfits yourself…

I really like Donghae‘s outfit. The fitted velvet jacket with the dark maroon shirt is adorable. I’m also a sucker for bow ties, good thing that they are all wearing them. Oh Yesung, is that a layered tux or are you wearing a shorter coat on top of a longer one? I don’t even know how to respond; thank goodness you sing like an angel. I really wanted to like Sungmin’s quilted jacket. I usually love quilted jacket but I kept seeing “smoking jacket” and that train of thought lead to Hugh Hefner. Ryeowook’s coat reminded me of the Sherlock Holmes capes, which I find adorable in plaids but depressing in plain black. Siwon looks like a magician that escaped from Las Vegas. I actually really liked the sequined undershirt and his black sneakers, I love unexpected elements in menswear but that coat took the fun out everything.

I have to give major credit to Leeteuk for his outfit. I was a little baffled at first because he came out of left field with his black fur vest, his bejeweled neck tie, belt and brooch. I’ve never seen a man wear so much…bling? He could definitely give SHINee a run for their money. The Super Junior leader looks good in his white fitted jacket and black slacks, I could have gone without the fur vest but then the look would have become a bit boring. It might not be my taste, but I can’t fault them for being unique.

 The 2011 Melon Music Awards was a night to show off some red carpet fashion. Some shined brighter than others while other crashed and burned. But all in all, a dress is a dress and a suit is a suit, the most important fact of that night was that these stars had received acknowledgement and rewards for their hard work and passion. And to that, I say congratulations!

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