SNSD made their comeback this week and with their new album are around thirty different concept pictures that have been appearing since late September. In honor of SNSD’s return, I decided to dissect whether or not the individual concept looks are hits or misses.

The Misses

Sooyoung’s long black pantsuit with a ruffle detail and glitter sandals was disappointing. This romper resembled pajamas than something that should be worn in public, the ruffle is out-of-place, and the glitter sandals are too dressy for the pantsuit.   Seohyun’s awkward knee-length dress with yellow details looks cheap and bunches unattractively around her butt. The tricked out sandals look heavy and overly complicated for the dress. On the bright side, her hair is pretty.  I don’t know what SNSD’s stylists were thinking to have Yoona wear this awfully long and big pleated jumpsuit.  Yoona is known to be a waif but she looks a dumpy in this piece.  The belted waist only makes her waist look really high up and her disproportionate.  Sooyoung, Seohyun and Yoona’s styles were all 1/5.

Tiffany’s picture is awkward on several accounts. The dress looks like it was a design project completed by a third grader.  The pink, black and white check print styled with what appears to to be shorts or slips peeking out underneath, tiara and decked out booties is too girly and out-of-place compared to the other concepts.

Hyoyeon’s hair that she had since Hoot still bothers me. Worst, you can see her roots. I wouldn’t mind her outfit so much if it weren’t for the weird black ruffled patch on the bust. It disrupts the heart-shaped neckline and causes the dress to look cheap and ugly rather than attractive. The necklace is too delicate and simple to go with the black-and-white dress and chunky booties.   The sheer tights and booties work fine with the dress, giving it an edgier look that suits the new album. However, I’m detracting points for the hair, the necklace, and the upper part of the dress. 2/5.

The Hits

Sunny is my favorite part of the new album. Her blonde pixie cut (a wig) is edgy and familiar to Amber of f(x)’s look. Here she wears a bright red dress with a long train in the back with caged booties and a sparkly necklace. I find this outfit to be one of the most appealing. The only real complaint that I have is that Sunny’s shoes look a little odd with the necklace. 4/5.

Jessica has one of the better looks with a black and blue mini dress with a ruffled bottom, a leather jacket, and matching leather booties. Her hair is wavy, casual enough to go with the outfit. Her outfit flows but is a little boring.  Yuri looks sexy as always in a simple black and glittery mini-dress with bedazzle sandals.  Although Taeyeon’s dress looks a little cheap it goes with her geometric design necklace and booties, which gives the outfit an electric look.

Jessica, Yuri and Taeyeon were all Hits in my book.

What do you think?  Were they your hits and misses as well?