Do you have a love-hate relationship with Korean entertainment?  Are you opinionated?  Do you love to write?  Do you love to Tweet, provide status updates on Facebook like nobody’s business and spotting new social media trends?  Or do you prefer to express yourself via photoshop?

If you answered yes to three or more questions, we’d love to hear from you.  We are looking to expand our team and are looking for writers, a social media intern and a graphic design intern.  Please send us an email at with the subject line: “I want to join the Seoulbeats family as (position of interest)” and send us your sample work.

If you are applying to be a social media intern, please send us three recommendations on improving Seoulbeats’ social media presence and why you believe they will make an impact.

If you are applying to be a graphic design intern, please send us your top three works to date.  It can be related or not related to K-pop.

If you are applying for a writing position, please submit a writing sample that you can imagine published on the site.   As you may have noticed or should have noticed, Seoulbeats is an editorial news site where we present insightful commentary of current events in Korean entertainment and open up the forum for readers to participate in the discussion.  Just to give you some pointers, please see below what we are looking for from each type of writer.

Drama Writer – we are looking for a writer who can provide a review of dramas that are currently being broadcast for every four to six episodes.  The writer will be expected to dissect elements of the drama that make it successful, mediocre or horrendous and explain your rationale for the article.  Furthermore, this writer will be encouraged to provide commentary of the overall Korean drama trend, such as changes in how families, relationships, or gender roles are depicted in Korean dramas and how that impacts the society, or more lighter trends, such as the typical Korean break-up cliches.

Fashion/Style Writer – we are looking for a writer who can comment on the week’s top three style/looks and the worst three style/looks as well as cover the red carpet events with a fashion angle.  You don’t have to be an expert on fashion just yet – but we expect you to have a good eye for fashion and be able to support up your claim.

Film Writer – we are looking for someone to provide film reviews on a weekly basis.   We are not looking for a recap but an overall impression of the movie and why the film should be on our reader’s radar in a thought provoking way.

Comedy Writer – despite how seriously we take our site to be, let’s face it, K-pop has a lot of funny moments and things to poke fun at and we want someone with a serious sense of humor and wit to bring out the fun.